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First drugever tried

Hey guys i have a storey to tell you yesterday was june.

Hey guys i have a storey to tell you

yesterday was june.21 and i was out with my friends cruisin around when we stopped at mcdonalds and got some food and my friend asked for some hot water. I didnt know why he did but he did and he opend his bag and there was about 10 grams of shrooms. so he opend the tea bad poured soem out poured about 2 3 grams of mush in the tea bag taped it up and put it in the hot water. he had made some tea. and i was all anti drug before and always told myself iw ould never do that but i stooped to some very low level and started to drink up. i guess i didnt have enough so i asked him if i could eat some. im not even sure how much i ate but i know it was about 1 or 1 and a half grams.. The trip after that was so wierd. it was my first time ever on any drug and it just didnt feal right. when we got dropped off by our friend we met up with some others. and i was with them, but the two i did shrooms with took off even though they said never be alone when your tripin. like many different things can run through your head and you could get really scared. So i was with the girls and we were havin a good time but i totaly kept forgetting what i was saying, and when they would add on to the convo i would be like what? what are you talking about, and they still didn't suspect anything. later on the two i did the drug with came back and we started cracking so much jokes. and i was laughing hysterically. i was laughing the hardest i have ever laughed in my life, and at the stupides things possible. After a while 12:00 rolled around when my mom came to pick me up and on the way home it took about 20 minutes and i fealt like the lights were stars and the trees were grabbing out at me.. the farther we went it fealt like i had already been there and the ride home lasted about an hour in my mind... when i got home i walked in and took my lenses out and put on my glasses i was getting ready to brush my teeth but couldnt find my tooth paste and i was rippin my whole bathroom apart to find it..

i will sum it up a bit

i fealt like cutting out my hair and that iw ould look beautiful if i did
i fealt like cutting off my hand from my wrist down and that the painw ould be awesome
i convinced myself when i was laying in bed that i couldnt breath
i convinced myself i had to puke
i was getting mad at my ex boyfriend in my head and having a conversation with myself .. my dog wasd talking to me and telling me to forget him and to move on and never to talk about him or to him again

i tripped out pretty bad for my first time now i feal like shit and wont ever do it again. it was a stupid experience if you have never done shrooms but are reading this.. its horrible. one of the bad things that happend to me was that i fealt like i was being sucked down by the evil and my head was getting crushed. these voices were telling me to go to hella nd it was so scary and it old them to leave me alone because i didnt like them but they kept hurting me more and more.... I mean if you do it be with a group of funny friends and everything will be worth the while..but my first time really sucked. i didnt enjoy it, and thats my last time as well..

Maggie Malone

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