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i can fly


ok. this was the first time i ever tried shrooms. i wasnt sure if i should do it or not but what the hell. nothing to lose. so yeah i ate like 6 shrooms. about an hour later i was really going. me and my friends were playing twisted metal for playstation. its a game where your these cars that shoot shit and kill eachother. but any how i was this guy called sweet tooth and on top of the car there is a clown head and it kept talking to me telling me i was going to hell and that the shadows were gonna eat me. then i stood up and my friend pushed me and i thought the tv was gonna suck me in and i would be traped in the video game. then i felt like the cars were shooting at me so i ducked and threw the remotecontroll at the tv and it got mad at me and said it was gonna strangle me. so i stoped playing and went in my friends romm and closed my eyes. i felt like i steped out of my body and i could look at myself. and i pictured little green things running all over me and i started to eat them. then i felt like they ran out of my ass. i shot up thinking i was awake and went outside. i started playing basket ball but i couldnt make it cuz it kept moving around laughing at me saying i sucked so i felt like i ran for ever. then i woke up in the room again. all of that part was fake. i just imagoned it. so i went back down stairs and my friends were chasing unicorns that were pink. i just kept laughing and started to play again. from there on everything was pretty mild but that was a pretty tight trip!

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