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creekside H&H

The Heaven and Hell I experienced at creekside on June second defied explanation.

The Heaven and Hell I experienced at creekside on June second defied explanation. I was chillin with my freinds at the campsite and these two guys bearing mushroom chocolates made an offer. Everyone except me bought some and I was later offered some away from camp by another buddy ill call K. He gave me about a third of a chocolate(1/2 gram or so). Just after I ate it I climbed a tree with him and jumped down. His girl A was there too. So me, K, and A went to my campsite and no one seemed to like it so we left. I went with A to watch everyone play ultimate frisbee. I looked at the ground and grass all around me it moved just a little and everything was covered with beautifully colored tiny fractals. Also I watched the frisbee leave mile long tracers. I sat there and was totally restless by then and I wanted to get up and leave but I started to get scared. I thought to myself "oh no, im gonna go nuts." At that moment the cops came and I totally friggin whigged out and started to shake. I pictured myself getting searched and that totally added to the anxiety. I kept thinking to myself "it just a drug, its just a drug" and the feeling got worse. I started to panic. I layed back to try to relax and that helped some. The clouds were getting smaller and larger and grew fractals. At certain points, the clouds would fill the entire sky then slowly fade away. That made me smile! Also everyones voices were echoing and getting distant. I was totally fucked up and my thoughts were crazy off a 1/2 gram! I was amazed. Also, the clouds were swirling in one mass circular manner like they were on a merry go round! I finally got the gusto to get up and I realized the cops were gone. I was still freaking out. I totally thought I would be insane from the shit. I went back to camp to try to hide and I got in my tent and listened to everyone talking about murder and shit! It was so scary. There was screaming too. Eventually J came to the rescue and got me out of the tent and saved my head. So i looked for K and told him my fears and he said to loosen up and I said Im trying too but it still didnt help. All the hippies were around me and giving me strange looks. I felt terrible. Me K, A, and this cool nice guy called C was now there trying to calm me down. K gave me some gin and it helped some. C told me its all in your head. I tried listening but this constant image of me going crazy lingered the entire time. I just couldnt loosen up. I later watched some hippy bands play and they were cool. Overall, i had some cool visuals and shit but I felt like hell for most of the trip.

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