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How not to trip.

This trip was damned from the beginning.

This trip was damned from the beginning. A friend and I were in Amsterdam and we decided that we wanted to do shrooms. We found a store that sold them, and bought enough for the both of us.

Later that day we went to a park. Somehow we got the idea that it would be cool to be high on shrooms before we met some friends at a cafe. BAD IDEA. We both took a couple caps and stems without anything to wash them down. It was pretty damn gross.

A 1/2 hour went by and we didn't feel anything. We decided to take a seat where we would meet our friends, and then started having a conversation. I remember a slow stoney feeling started to come across us and everything began to look a little surreal. Everything was going fine, and we had some of the craziest and most interesting conversation about nothing!

Shortly later, our friends showed up. We kinda freaked because they didn't know we were shrooming. We went to another cafe that was designed to be a big hotbox for weed smokers, called, "The Greenhouse." Shortly after we got there, my friend decided he was gonna go somewhere with this girl who was with us. Never leave a tripping friend behind.

So I watched and stared at the smoke in this place while a couple of my friends chatted and asked me things which I half ass responded to. Finally my friend came back, and we all started to walk around the city. I was beginning to feel very nauseated.. and since I had taken the shrooms I felt an ear infection coming on.. very strange.

We went to a restauraunt where I spent most of the time puking upstairs in the bathroom. I thought it was over at this time because I felt sober.

When we got back to the hostel we both went to bed.. and I realized that I was still tripping when I got on my bunk and looked out the window. I started thinking about falling out the window, and the tree outside was bending towards me. I woke up my friend and we sat on the couch in the hall as I told him how fucked up I was, and that I might be like that forever. The wall in front of me was breathing and little dots were all over the place. Finally I went to bed and woke up feeling a little groggy.

This was a bad first time trip because of the situations that my friend and I put ourselves in. I'm going to give shrooms another shot someday. If you are a first time tripper this is not how to do it!

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