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my "love" trip

One night at the local coffee house I purchased a small sample of cubensis mushrooms for five bucks.

One night at the local coffee house I purchased a small sample of cubensis mushrooms for five bucks. I would estimate it was about a half gram. I went home and dosed at around 9:45 p.m. and was on the phone with one of my ex's. I was sitting there on my couch and talking of romantic desires and the candles that were lit in the house looked brighter. They were glowing bright red and I sat on the wicker chair. I closed my eyes and ignored what anna was saying and I had a brief vision of me sitting on a cloud looking down on a beautifully lit cityscape. I could actually make out scyscrapers and shit and lights everywhere. The image was real to me and BOOM goddamn I was back@! I smiled and told anna I loved her and i always would. I checked the time and it was only 10:15. The shrooms only took about 15 minutes to kick in and damn was i surpised! I then sat down and started to write my thoughts. My words were like "everything is bubbly and happy" and I felt "soft" and like i was absolutely weightless. 10:30 came around and tom green came on. He did this hilarious prank on a woman sleeping in her car by blowin on his bagpipes in a kilt dress and waking her up. That had to be the funniest thing I ever saw. Anyhow i somehow ended up outside and walking around in the snowy evening. I was walking in circles in the crunchy snow and laughing at the sound of my steps. The snow glowed like red and green and blue and shit and it was quite psychedelic man! It went crunch crunch and I was so happy(that sounds weird but oh well). I went inside and talked more romance with anna and munched on some chips and just laughed and laughed. Oh yeah, i listened to Led Zep 2 which is A GREAT FUCKING ALBUM and the music sounded really distorted and I laughed and then went to sleep a fucking happy man. The trip helped me be more open and I never lost that enthusiasm I had that night.

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