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the first time =)

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Me and my girlfriend bought some shrooms from my sisters friend like two months ago and never did them. Last night we both had nothing to do (I usually work Friday nights) so she suggested we do them. It was her first time too. I called my other friend to see what she was doing. She doesnt do any drugs but she wanted to come over. So my girlfriend made us some sandwiches w/ the shrooms in them (we ate 1/2 an eighth each) and we ate them. They were watching TV and I went on the computer to play toe jam and earl. AFter about 45 minutes my girlfriend started feeling them, she said she felt kind of airy but sleepy. I didnt feel anything. Then my sister called me because she was at the winter ball, but she left the tickets at home, so we went to bring them to her. On the way home I still wasnt feeling them. My girlfriend was giggling at the radio and then she pointed out this house that she says shed hate to live in. I cant remember what I said then, somethin about it looking like a movie set, but then I started to giggle uncontrollably. I knew it was startin to hit me. I was hot so i rolled down the window. my friend drives this really old volvo and it kind of smells and is hella loud so we were hella laughing at that. We got home and I was having like hot and cold flashes but it wasnt bad, it was real funny. My sober friend decided she wanted to drink some tequila. Me and my girlfriend were just laughing at stupid shit. We took pictures and shit and watched TV. We watched some documentary about flies and that shit was hella funny. Then we got the munchies like we had been smokin weed. We watched newsradio and seinfeld. We chilled and laid down and watched TV. We started to come down but we were still sort of high. During the trip I felt hella close to my girl. I realized how much I loved her and I was real sentimental. The whole thing kind of remidned me of weed only laughing a lot more and not so paranoid and feeling weird. I dont smoke weed anymore because it makes me feel weird and shit but this didnt. It was very relaxing. I had a good nights sleep after that...not like e where it feels like i didnt even sleep. all in all it was a good experience =)

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