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My Mind Scare!

Hello Everybody!

Hello Everybody! I'd like to anounce first off that this is my very first trip report! I've been reading all of these bad boys for quite sometime! This is the trip report for my latest mushie trip, and one of my favorites (even though all of them are good;). I've tripped atleast over a hundred times or so, but the mass majority of times was on acid! I no longer do acid, I believe in only putting natural drugs (if that's what you want to call mushrooms) into my body! Alright so lets get down to this trip report! It was my 7th time tripping on mushrooms and definetly won't be my last:) I had pretty muched stopped tripping all together for about a year and half! Not because I wanted to really, but because I couldn't get any mushrooms! Besides, I went through a period (years 16 - 17) where I ate SOOOOOOOO much acid that I was kind've taking a break from trips! A friend of mine (who we'll call Spade) and me loved to trip, we were trippin' pals! We've had some of the best times of our lives trippin' together, and I'll never forget them! We had some pretty intense trips but ZERO bad trips! I always thought that was kind've odd! I mean I know alot of people probably haven't had a bad trip, but have they also tripped as much as I have? Some of my best friends have had bad trips, but have only tripped a few times! So I just figured I was gifted with a strong mind or something! No matter how intense a trip got, I could always keep myself from veering towards the "dark side"! That's where this trip report comes in! I have never been tested of my mental stability like I was this trip! It wasn't even the most intense trip I've had, but here's how it almost turned out bad! Alright, it's been about a year since I've last tripped on some acid, and it's been alot longer since I ate mushrooms! I moved back home from Arizona no longer then 6 months before this trip. I ran into all my old friends, my old band mates were making up new songs and they needed a drummer still so I jumped in where I left off! Me and the bassist have been friends for like 6 years or so, and the vocalist and guitarist have been friends for quite along time. Anyways, when we use to play together before me and the bassist were huge stoners/trippers and they were complete straight edge! We never tried to get them to do anything really because "to each their own"! Now all of the sudden when I came back they were kind've stoners, the vocalist was some sort of athletic stoner (still is:). As usual I end up talking about a trip i've had, or one of my friends gets me into remembering back to some memorable evening where we were tripping ballz!! Our vocalist and guitarist have never tripped before and were not pretty curious as to what it's like! So began the search for mushrooms! It took us a few weeks to get some, we had to hear all the B.S. that usually goes along with people saying they can get the fungi! Finally though, the night came where a friend really did come through with the mushies! I had to drive to some remote place to get them, and was kind've stressed out for some reason! I think because I was driving everywhere, and because I was anticpating a mushroom trip so bad! I got back to "the vocalists" house to split the mushies between him and me! It was about 7 grams, so we each only got about 3 1/2 grams! Like I said, this ended up being nowhere near the most intense trip that I've had, but for some reason it started out being the most intense "come on" I've ever had! Right when I got back, I ate! My heart was pounding so hard and fast though, even before I ate! I was kind've worried, but I kept it to myself! Everyone could tell something was kind've wrong, but didn't ask! I didn't have much to eat that day, and so the mushrooms kicked in soooooo fast! They kicked in, in like 15 minutes! My heart was still pounding and I was now tripping ballz! I couldn't get comfortable, I tried just laying down but my heart was driving me insane! I made up my mind right there though, that I wasn't going to let this effect my trip! I tried my hardest to put it out of my mind! It didn't work! Until we all left the house and went on a car ride (the driver wasn't trippin) over to Spade's cabin where he was having a partykegger! The car ride was soothing, it helped me calm down! My friend who was tripping for his first time began to trip in the car! We were listening to Meshuggah (those guys kickass) and closing our eyes to the amazing designs Meshuggah's music was making for us! I remember looking out at the sky through my gigantic sun roof, and the stars were all crazy (as usual)! They were shooting everywhere, and they were making out tons of images! The 30 minute car ride ended as we pulled up to Spade's Cabin! I was now feeling pretty normal and ready to trip harder! My heart stopped bothering me! At that point I was so relieved that my trip wasn't going to be a bad one! I walked right into the cabin and saw Spade my ol' trippin' buddy! I hadn't told him I got mushrooms yet, but the second he looked at me he said "You're trippin' aren't you"? It was pretty funny! The whole cabin was so noisey from all the people talking and it was a weird transition from the quite, peaceful car! It was still cool though, cause I saw friends I hadn't hung out with in a while and we were all just shootin' the shit! Not much time went by, when the outdoors was starting to call me and my friend! We were the only two trippin' at the party! We went outside, and went straight down to the river! Spade's cabin is down right next to the Mississippi river! We went all the way down to the river, where we saw people passed out on benches and couches! We went to lay on the boat, that was docked on the river! This one thing I won't forget! The river looked amazing! It looked surreal! It looked like a painting with the dark orange moon right above it! It was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen! We just chilled there for what felt like an eternity, but was only probably a few minutes! Too many people were calling my name, and everything was kind've confusing! I went up to talk to some old friends, and try to get my friend to smoke a bowl! I began to lay on this picnic table, while talking with some friends and just trippin', when live music started to play just like 3 feet away from my head! A couple guys were playing some acoustic cover songs! It sounded pretty good about then! Me and our vocalist who were trippin' pretty much and just talked with everybody and laid down looking at the river the rest of our trip! After our peak, we came down FAST!!!! It sucked!! We ended up going home at around 4am! The moon was much darker now! I'll never forget that river scene with the moon! I asked my friend how he liked tripping for his first time, and he wished he would never come down! Now since there's not much fungi around here anymore, we've decided to take matters into our own hands:)! We plan on tripping even harder next time and I can't wait! I love the mushroom, I believe they saved me from having a bad trip! If I ate acid and felt my heart beating that fast it might've been a different story! Luckily it wasn't! That's it! I wish everybody good times with their next trip on the wonderful mushroom! Remember, even though the mushie is fun to do as entertainment, you can also learn a ton of stuff about life in general, and the people in your life!

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