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In Which I Trip

A way back in August, I bought 1/8th of top quality mush, planning to munch with an experienced friend.

A way back in August, I bought 1/8th of top quality mush, planning to munch with an experienced friend. The opportunity never came. He ate his share and couldn't get more. Besides that, work schedules always seemed to be a problem. So I've been stuck with mushrooms for two months, having smoked about 1/2 a gram (getting little from it).

Now, I'd never used mush before, the most has been weed. Last Saturday night, no matter how stressed, how angry, whatever was going on, I was gonna eat them. So I did.

I'd spent the entire night fixing up my bedroom, putting out crayons and paper, cheesy Nintendo (remember that?) games, Jell-O, blacklights, candles and Play-Doh, anything I find cool when stoned. Finally, it was ready. I admired my hard work... and was extremely pleased.

About midnight, I made me a Ceasar salad, went in my room, dumped in the mush and ate it, not minding the taste at all, altho the dressing helped cover it. I sat down to watch South Park, my favorite show (four years ago... I'm not fond of it now). I felt nothing.

Tom Green came on after, and I began to feel mildly stoned, a little cold, even. I shrugged it off as the cold October weather (even tho that night was quite warm), and continued watching. It happened to be hilarious, and I pondered why anyone'd do such a thing as suck cow's milk from the udder. I consider Tom to be amazing.

I now *needed* to check my pupils... so I grabbed a CD and flashlight, afraid to leave my room for fear of my folks. I blinded myself, and found them to be sort of dilated, definitly larger than they should be when there's a bright light shining directly on them.

The Simpsons were now on, and I'd seen the same episode before that night. So I turned the TV off. My room was in total blackness. It didn't occur to me to turn any of the trip lights on. I rolled onto my left side, where a TON of photographs are on my wall (they're everywhere). The ones in front turned into a vortex... a black one... and I wanted to touch it. The second I moved, tho, it returned to the normal scatteredness of the wall. I found that, if I didn't move, I could see the vortex quite nicely.

I closed my eyes, and remained so for the next little bit. I thought that I was sleeping, but in fact, wasn't. It didn't matter. I was having way too much fun.

The next day, I awoke at 11:05, thinking that it was 11:45 (as my eyes played a joke on me), and almost panicked, for I had to work at 12. But... everything worked out fine, and I had a great day, at total harmony with the world.

In mushrooms...

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