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November 2000

Hi again, this is another trip i did a while ago, decided to chuck it on here.

Hi again, this is another trip i did a while ago, decided to chuck it on here. Evilsmurf.
Mushroom Experience
Wednesday 22nd November 2000
The first mushrooms of the season had just come out, and as expected i was only able to find 2 Psilocybe cubensis , One large shroom and another medium sized one.
I had been smoking Marijuana all day, having had several cones at Tristans in the morning, and then again at night while watching tv I had 2 more Bonza size cones.
After the late night movie ended, I cut up the Mushrooms into small parts and ingested them with the help of some Pasta, the taste was as bad as i remembered it and I found myself gaging on some of the mouthfuls.
Finished ingesting the mushrooms by 11:30, I was still lightly stoned, watched the Late News for a while before deicding it was time for Fantasia.
Had a much aniticipated cigarette whilst the effects came on, as soon as Fantasia began I was rivited by it, and soon found myself sitting there with a smile on my face really appreciating the music and visual elements of the Movie, i felt almost glued to the lounge, and after a further 20 minutes i began to notice I was having slight hallucenations, in the form of breathing walls, I also noticed the Kaleidescope images on the carpet.
Fantasia was a perfect trip movie as i Reached the peak of the experience, I was staring at the Television with a happy grin plastered on my face, I kept repeating to myself that the world was great and that I loved everyone and everything, I had the great idea at the time that If in the furture they made the entire world a different colour, like changed the colour of the sky, grass etc, then it would really boost peoples Morale and encourage them to go outdoors more, at least until they were used to the new colour scheme, the Pegasus scene in the movie made me watch in Awe, however to soon the Movie was over, so i decided to put on some Jamiroquai and use the computer.
From previous experience using the computer Tripping isnt at all good or easy, however considering this was a low dose, and I was over the peak I was able to enjoy the experience, I talked to Jack on icq for a while, and then went into the Shroomery chat room, I was still having light hallucenations, the computer screen seemed to be waving slightly and the walls were still morphing.
I decided to have a look at a program that works like a flashlight by flickering the screen from black to white exptreemely fast, and this was perhaps one of the best experiences, as I was greated by some awesome hallucenations, I saw an X and Y in the flashing screen, as well as around 5 cogs, turning, i stared and this for around 10 minutes and then talked on the net for a while longer.
At 2:00 i decided to goto Bed and try to get to sleep asthere was nothing to do on the computer.
I could not get to sleep however, so i Put on Sonic Animation wand watched the Hallucenations wear down, I began to think over the experience and came to the conclusion tripping was 'The shit', because of the abstract thought patterns it alows you to experience.
I thought for a while and then at around 4:00 I was finally able to get so sleep.

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