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Dancing kiss

Mushroomsc The best toy in my life.

The best toy in my life. I ate a lot, may be 4 or 5. It started with a tingling sensation in my muscles-arms and legs. Then my head was dizzy and I felt a little bit sick, like sea sickness. Then it was a bit like drunk. Then while talking to Takashi I started switching planes and it was no longer my room. It was a place I was in for the first time. The best part came when I closed my eyes. I was may be peaking then. I started seeing coloured dreams while awake. It was just visions of bubble gum colours dancing with the music. I liked the music(jazz) extremely much because it was fitting the visions perfectly. Then I asked Takashicto kiss mecand it was incredible. His kiss. A dancing kiss. His tongue was dancing in my mouth in accord with the music. He was hugging me and kissing me but everything was liquid the movements and the music and the dancing colours in my head that took different shapes with the notes. And I did not feel like a man was kissing me because I have never enjoyed kissing before. It was like kissing with some big good spirit not made of flesh and bones . Not a human being. There was nobody real in my dream. There was just the KISS.
What most surprises me though is the way I was behaving. It seemed I moved and reacted and talked only naturally and correctly. And I was very sensual. I felt like caressing him. I caressed him. I did not feel my usual awkwardness.Everything I touched was was silky-even Takashi's coarse black hair.
This first mushroom trip helped me to find the woman in me-at the age of 22.
Since then I have tried tripping in different settings and levels twice,and every time the mushrooms brought me some revelation.After every trip I feel refreshed and full of desire to live and explore and learn about the world we live in.

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