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The End Of The World

I live in Canada where most winters it is cold, snowy, icy, whatever.

I live in Canada where most winters it is cold, snowy, icy, whatever. This one trip I had was around January something, but it was very cold and windy outside. I ate 3 grams of this really potent "supershroom" powder and it almost immediately kicked. I also smoked one small teeny bitty little dube that night (NOTE: SOMETIMES COMBINATIONS OF MARIJUANA AND MUSHROOMS CAN MAKE ONE EXTREMELY SUB CONSCIOUS AND PARANOID).

Anyways, I was walking home after tripping at my buddy's house and I was right on the steep drop of downing right after you've peaked. The weedshroom made me really paranoid and I thought that the apocalypse had just happened- that some large catastrophe had just occured. Of course this is totally rediculas as I was just at my friends house and would have heard something about it.

So I'm walking down the street really scared. The scenery was so strange. It had snowed previously that day, but it got a little warmer later on and I guess the combination of melting and refreezing snow/ice and wind made the sidewalk that I was walking on look all bumpy and crooked and cracked, as if there were mini mountains coming out of the sidewalk. This is what originally started my "apocalypse" fantasy.

The next thing I knew, there was this sound- like a sucking sound, but not liquid, like sucking from a straw. More like a siphon with scraping sounds or something. Very metalic. I looked to my left from whence the noise was coming from and saw a great glowing orangy light coming from behind these houses. This was where the sucking noise was coming from.

Immediatly I realized that our city was being drawn into the center of the earth. Like, if you took a tablecloth and layed it out flat on a table and then from underneath the table pulled the center of the tablecloth through some sort of a hole in the table. I'm not sure if I have explained this sensation correctly, but it was damn scary!Eventually I got home, turned on the T.V. and found that no catostrophic events had happened. Then I watched Independance Day. 97/10/24 J.G. [[All I have to Say is: LETS GET MUSHY]]

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