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carnival night


ok.. well this was the third time i triped on shrooms and the first times i triped i didnt take as much... anyway one saturday night, me, my cousin, and my friend decided we would eat the rest of my shrooms i had saved from earlier in the week. We crunched them all in the bag and split about an eighth of shrooms between us..(your probably thinking an eighth between 3 people aint nothin.. but let me tell you.. these shrooms were the most potent my friend has ever take and he has taken alot) anyway thats all we had , we took them after we left a suprise birthday party at about 8pm and decided that we should head over to this local carnival in our city.. so we drove over there in my cousins drop top 89 5.0 Mustang Gt.. about 30 minutes after we ate them(cubensis shrooms) we started to feel the body buzz and started laughing alot.. we had the top down and i kept looking up and watching the stars and trees zoom by..

well we finally got to the carnival and had to park a couple blocks away at a school.. we had a small joint rolled up from earlier and smoked that in the car.. when we finished the joint the trip was brought out a lot more.. as we left the car and began our walk to the carnival we watched the trees all down the street and they looked awesome. we stumbled and laughed down the sidewalk until my cousin yelled "look.. there's a walking tree in the road!".. at first i was like what the hell?? but as i turned my head i saw a tree moving in the street towards an oncoming car.. i started freaking out thinking it was really happening and smiling in amazement.. until the headlights hit the tree and i saw that the tree was being held up by a guy.. we realized some drunk had just grabbed this huge branch and was hiding behind it while running in the street at cars and down the sidewalk... but we thought it was the funniest thing in the world.. we all couldnt stop laughing.

After that we made it into the carnival.. at this time the trip was at its peak.. all of the brite flashy lights everwhere was amazing.. and all i could hear was the carnival rides repeating over and over.. it seemed like i was in like a movie or something but it was really cool.. all or the rides were shaped round at the top and I thought to myself how many things look like they resemble shrooms.. we then saw some friends we knew from school and talked to them for a while.. most of them were drunk or rolling and i felt like we were on a top secret mission to find out valuable information about something.. like i was a hero in a movie.. it is kinda hard to explain but after seeing all the swirls of lights and LOUD carnival rides which seemed somewhat evil we decided there were too many people around and too many cops around so we left and headed over to a friends house who was having a small party.. we again walked down the street in the middle of the night and had a blast just walking and messing with everyone outside and laughing.. we got to the party(which was in walking distance) and had even more fun.. everything seemed different and i thought a lot about life and friends and about the importance of having fun in my life... anyway lets just say i had a great time the whole night and many hours later as the sun rose I drove home and dived in bed... i had the best night of the summer that night and have been craving more shrooms ever since.. i know that i didnt take a lot but for the amount i took i was fine with that.. no problems with my stomach or anything and had no negative thoughts the whole night.. i will eventually take higher doses as soon as i get a chance to go camping.

P.S. have fun tripping and i think its best when you trip with people that make you laugh and are close too.. also smoke some herb to help maybe enhance your trip..
just my $.02

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