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my first time

well the first time i tried shrooms werent the best conditions, actually my friends just showed up with some and told me to do it oneday.

well the first time i tried shrooms werent the best conditions, actually my friends just showed up with some and told me to do it oneday. so i said fuck it and shoved the shit in my mouth.(i took almost the entire gram in one bite) of course they tasted like some nasty shitty cardboard, wouldnt be so bad if they didnt stick to yer teeth forever.

anyway my friends left and it was only me, another friend who was tripping, and another friend who was just stoned. We put in the wall (pink floyd) which is a crazy ass movie on its own, and i started to feel a mild sensation. Almost like being stoned, but a little different. Anyway the wall was wierd as shit, the colors were dancing from the tv and the swirls and shit were moving around. It was fun and the soundtrack kicks ass, then my brother came home and turned it off. He insisted we play NBA Live for a while, and i couldnt rlly do anytin to protest cause i was tripping. The Live was killing my shit cause it required concentration. I only played 1 game, and then i was sitting there for a while watching. For some reason i was picturing my brother and my other friend(the one who wasnt tripping) laughing and talking about wierd shit and talking about me, yet they were sitting there doing nothing. I thought that was wierd, when it was time to go home for some reason, me and my tripping friend decided to drive home. It was only a few blocks, but God knows why we decided to drive. We were swerving all around the road, and my friend was just saying "as long as were not crashing its ok..."
were some stupid retards.
when we got back to my house i thought the shrooms were starting to wear off, until i walked around to my backyard wherr the entrance to my room is, and all the trees looked like they were trying to grab me. It was scary as shit, and my friend who was still tripping his balls off was screaming something and jumping around. I also have some bamboo tress in my backyard, which were looking wierd as shit. They looked like they were walking back and forth. So after watching for a little while i went into my room to sleep and thought the shrooms finally wore off, and then i turned on the tv for a while, and the colors were still jumping out a bit. It went on till i fell asleep at like 5 in the morning.
It wasnt the best of tripping enviornments and shit, watching the wall was a good idea and everything was fine till my bastard brother walked in and turned on a video game. Definently fun tho, next time ill take some more and walk around some woods or somtin.

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