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Orange is the colour

This was my first experience with the magic of the mushrooms.

This was my first experience with the magic of the mushrooms. Greatly anticipated...a holiday in a caravan by the sea with my girlfriend,forests nearby and some Psilocybe cubensis I had grown with the help of the Shroomery.

The day before we caught the train to the coast in Norfolk (England) my girlfriend told me she wanted to end our relationship, it wasn't me ,she said,it was her.I was devastated but we kind of put it on hold until after the holiday, which we both needed and had been looking forward to for so long. A strange situation you may think.To go on holiday together the day after splitting up.I didn't realise how much I loved her until that day.I probably didn't know how to show her either.

Well, the holiday was actually quite fun.In some way I just put the situation out of my mind but there was an air of sadness at times.

The day of the trip was a light grey day, a little chilly and we decided to walk inland to the Roman woods.We drank the dried powdered mushrooms in warm Earl Grey tea and hardly noticed them.She had eaten them many times before so she knew what she was looking for and told me they had started acting on her very quickly.We walked first along the coast half a mile to a little village with a shop for supplies.I bought a carton of orange juice amongst some other stuff (I can't remember,this was two or three years ago).I went to the counter and paid. I took off a glove to handle the change and when I went to pick it back up from off the counter there was a wasp curled up in the palm.This was so bizarre,I cannot fathom how it got there and it fazed me a little though i wasn't as yet aware of the magic.I walked out of the shop and let the wind take the wasp. It didn't seem too healthy and just tumbled away.

From here we walked up the road that led to the woods. After a few hundred yards a path branches off to the left and runs gradually further from the road.We turned and it is as we walked along this path that the scenery started to move too fast.I became aware that there was too much to take in, as though my vision had become super wide screen.

T (thats what I'll call her)was walking a little ahead of me but then stopped and I caught her up, stopped behind her. Resting my head on her shoulder the view ahead to the left looked like an orchard with the trees seming very regularly spaced in a pattern that just seemed to go on forever, such depth. I realised this was the magic and felt quite happy,to be with T still, in the woods, with the mushrooms putting a wonderful spell over me.So sad it's happy, so happy it's sad if that makes sense.It was nice to be with T then even if we would be in a totally different relationship when we returned to our home town.Now was all that mattered.

We walked on, and I became increasingly focussed on the trees, the detail that I felt I must have been blind to before,the richness of colours... It was early autumn so there were lots of mushrooms growing around trees,some had masses of them in large clusters at their bases.

There is much I could relate about our trip that has been told many times in similar tales, there were a few obvious unique touches which I will relate...

It may have been about an hour from ingestion and I felt thirsty ,so I pulled the small carton of orange juice from my rucksack. Immediatly we were both stunned at the sheer orangeness of the carton:artificially bright in the natural earthy forest setting with our magically enhanced vision.I could not believe it.T had a sudden memory flash saying I had spoken in my sleep last night and racked her brain for a short while to recall exactly what I had said while I jumped around impatiently as it was obviously something interesting and relevant to 'orange'.(I do talk in my sleep sometimes so that was no surprise, and it's always interesting to hear what I've said because I rarely remember).Apparently I said: "...Orange is definately the colour in it. Almost abstract...beautiful...". This struck us as significant in some way, though...coincidence?hmmm...I had been anticipating my first trip to be on this day so I think I dreamt about it based around things I knew and had heard along with my own dreamy consciousness playing a part.

We came to a particularly ancient part of the woods after walking across a ploughed field. There,the woods appeared as a dark tunnel opening and at this point we both felt a sudden need to sit down and ,as if put there for this purpose, was a fallen tree against which we sat. My legs had become wobbly (which has always happened in mushroom trips since).The darker wood seemed daunting but we sat for a while and I watched the wind in the long grass.After a whils it seemed that the wind was moving the grass in the direction of the opening as if beckoning us in.Both T and I got up at the same time, both feeling exactly the same, as if we'd been vetted and approved for entry in some kind of waiting room...

We encountered an unusual tree at one point after having had a brief period of feeling completely 'straight'. The tree struck us both as being extremely sexual, there was a formation of the thick bark a the point where the trunk split in two, it looked like a vagina, with thick moss surrounding it and moisture that collected in it and overflowed spiling down the trunk. Being amongst the trees had made us feel very in touch with nature and this tree seemed a potent show of the power of nature/sexuality. When I looked around at the other side of the trunk I was gobsmacked and called out to T ,who was looking at something else,to come look. The other side of the tree had a large phallic broken branch jutting from between the same spit in the trunk, with the same mossy pubic hair and oozing moisture.

This was a most beautiful experience overall.Having been very aware of set and setting I am a little surprised that the strange relationship situation did not mar it. It lasted three or four hours and I think it may only have been half a gram, T did say they were the strongest mushrooms she'd ever had though.
Anyway, thanks for reading ,friends,
love to you ALL,

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