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Secret Island

I rowed to an island with two buddies and we set up camp as the sunset.

I rowed to an island with two buddies and we set up camp as the sunset... i popped some shrooms while my friends smoked up. An hour later the feelings were minimal... i'm an experienced tripper and this was my 12th or 13th time on them and the results off of this expensive 2grams were lame. My friends got silly off of the pot which kind of triggered my trip, which mainly made me feel empty and like nothing was passing through my head. Finally i started giggling a lot and running around looking for fire wood, then discovering that the ocean was full of phosphoresants kept me entertained for hours,.. the trip was ok, and i kept a gram and a half for later which i took and felt nearly nothing... it's probably because i take shrooms too much and did a lot of them in a short time space... oh well.. next time i get shrooms i'll take 5grams and see what happens.

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