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i live in a small town, that nothing really exciting happends to us.

i live in a small town, that nothing really exciting happends to us. but my friend called me up and told me that she had taken some caps of shrooms and she had some left over. she told me they were the best things in the world.

she came over to my house that night, and we took them as soon as my parents went to bed. at first i didnt think they were real because nothing was happening. then i looked in the mirror to fix my make up (we were going out) and i saw hair all over my face. then i thought i turned into a werewolf. i had sharp teeth and it started to really scare me. i walked back downstairs and i thought there were are million stairs.

as soon as her boyfriend came and picked us up, we went to play pool and all of them looked like the 8 ball so i was afraid to shoot because i didnt know which one was which and i didnt want to lose. then my friend started to have a really bad panic attack and she started screaming and crying.

we dragged her out and staying in an empty parking lot (obviously we couldnt go home) and she was kicking and screaming all over the place. she kept telling me not to eat her and then i looked at her and she looked like a dirty little girl with curly blond hair. her boyfriend was really pissed off that we ate the shrooms because they were originally his. so he was yelling at us while she jus screamed and i just sat there.

she finally stoped screaming, but she turned REALLY white and passed out. when we woke her, she started screaming at us and telling us that she didnt know who we were. i was laughing at her the whole time because she loooked like a monkey. i mean her lips and ears were sooo big!

she was crying so hard, she couldnt breathe, and when she finally calmed down. she was giggling histarically. so i started laughing and her boyfriend was yelling at us. i couldnt even understand what he was talking about. but that wasnt the scary part.

a car pulled up behind us, and we all took our seats. a cop came up and shined his flashlight into the car and asked to see his licsence and registration. he did that and he asked why we were there, just sitting. he told the cop that we were talking and needed a quiet place to talk.

the cop went back to his car and said something on his radio. then he gave us all breathalizer tests. that really scared the shit out of me. he finally left, and gave us a warning because it was 2:30 in the morning, he was 22 and she was 19 while i was only 17. we got back to my house and fell asleep. when i woke up, i stared at her face, and she asked me what we did last night. she didnt remember anything!

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