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The WHOLE Story

Alright, this is a long one, but the entire story needs to be told.

Alright, this is a long one, but the entire story needs to be told. At first i wasn't even planning to trip, i was just along for the ride. I'm going to start with when we left to go to the city to get them. I live in a small city about an hour outside of a very larger city. A friend of mine (lets call her Kathy) phoned up her brother who told her he could get ahold of some mush for her, so she was like "sure!". I started out with her picking me up from my house and we took off to another friend's house (lets call him liam) where the crew was going to meet and go to the city. Liam lives in a very small town 10 minutes out from my house. This is where the shindig was to take place that night. In this small town there are three kids that have houses there and that's good cause if we get kicked out of one place then we just go to the other and then the other and so forth. So we all hop in the car and take off to the big city. There was me, Kathy, Liam, Brad, and Anton. (Of Course these aren't their real names, don't want any parents to figure this out if they were to stumble apon it)Liam is very reluctant to smoking pot while we're on the highway cause he was sure we'd get lost in the city. Well we ended up smoking it anyways after 10 minutes of arguing and telling him that we'd cut him in for free. It turns out that liam is a smart guy cause did we ever get lost. I'm sure we were half way across town from where we were supposed to be. So we called up Kathy's Brother and he gave us directions. We hung up the phone and got even more lost, but we were a bit closer than before, which is a plus. So we finally get to the guy's house and the first thing he says when we get into the house is, "Uh i hope you guys got some time on your hands cause we might be here a while". We all sighed with disgust, but then thought... wait, we're gonna have the greatest time of our life tonight... it'll be worth it for sure. So we get him to run to the LC and get some booze for the party as well since none of us were 18. So while he's out we start to mingle with his roomates, have some killer hits of some killer bongs and wait... about 2 hours pass and after watching lethal weapon 4 we decided it would be best to go to the bong shop downtown while we wait. Here i bought a new chamber pipe and Anton bought a glass pipe (that was eventually taken away from the pigs, fucking pigs...). After our adventures downtown we stop back by the house, about three hours had passed and when we got back to the house there was no one there who actually lived there. We walked in like we owned the place and introduced ourselves and slowly walked away into Kathy's brother's bedroom. It had turned out that Kathy's brother was out getting the shrooms as we sat there and it would only be ten or twenty minutes. So we were sitting in his room and watched freddy got fingered and still no mushrooms... it was now dark outside and we were beginning to wonder if we were ever going to get the god damned things. To help pass the time Brad had found a record scratching / mixing machine hooked up to the computer. That entertained us for a while and then we heard the door open. It was the pizza guy. "Fuck!" we all thought. No, no stay calm... we mustn't grow too anxious. We sat for longer and finally her brother showed up after we had been in the city for a total of 7 or 8 hours. 7 or 8 hours of waiting. Well as you probably have noticed, we were pretty pissed off so we left without saying anything, we just gave him the money, he gave us the mush and we took off. On our way back to the small town where the party was to be held (it's great having this little town cause the popo never go out there) Liam had told everyone that no eating the shrooms till we got back to his house, but who really ever listens to him. Kathy and anton and brad all ate their share. Liam went on to call them fuckers and left it at that. At this time is still had no intention on eating any of the mushrooms. We pulled up to Liams house at probably 8:30 pm. We called the other kid's houses that live in this small town and a whole lot of people showed up. We sat down at the living room table and split the full O into eighths. There were two left over after everyone who had gone in on it got their share. I only had 15 bucks and i told Liam i would buy one from him for 15 and a joint... he was reluctant and said only if you pay me ten bucks later on, so i said sure! and went for a walk to smoke the joint i had promissed him with another friend. we did this and i downed my eighth while we were passing around two joints between three of us. we took a little more of a walk and realized it was getting cold outside and went back to liam's house. Back here Ryan (a guy who was at One of the other kid's houses, Guy and Morissa) was tripping hard over a pair of glasses that shows rainbows around every light in the room. I quick;y stole them from him and looked for myself. I hadnt even realized that the TV was on. My Trip had begun! On the TV was next Friday! and hte first thing i saw was Ice Cube rolling up a fat J! now that's what i like. Also it was on Liam's 50 inch TV, which wasn't too bad either. I looked through these glasses and watched most of the movie. It was very strange because everythingwas swirling and distorting and all in rainbow colors cause of the glasses. i took them off and passed them on and looked at Morrissa. She was looking straight at me and i stared straight back and the rainbows weren't gone. The glasses were but the rainbows remained. I made a quick "holly shit" gesture and Morrissa started to laugh. She wasn't on mush and was very amused by my antics towards her. She yelled out "Whoa! Graham just Tripped out over me!" We all laughed. As time went on more stuf happened that i can't even rememebr now. Istarted to drink some butter ripple schnapps that Guy had asked us to buy in the city. He gave me a cup of my own and i was set. After the movie i think we went for another walk and outside was amazing. i had just washed my hands and the cold air on wet hands felt incredible! The street was somewhat slick like there wa ice on it, but there was no ice... i don't know what to make of this... we smoked some more pot and went back to liam's house, where we found everyone leaving! I was just in the middle of my trip. i didn't want to go home. I found Guy and said to him "well why don't we just go to your house?" He said"... yeha why not?!" so we got a small following together and took off to Guy's house which is like three houses away. It turned out that liam's parents were coming home and he was upstairs puking when they phoned... poor guy. So me, Brad, Kathy, Guy, Ryan, Morrissa and anton went to guy's house. There were a whole lot more at Liam's house but i guess they thought it was time to go or something cause they never turned up at Guy's. So we were sitting there in Guy's living room and suddenly the TV Turns to porn... I was like "What the hell?!" while laughing uncontrollably. Guy has one of those satalites where you get everything for free and this was one of the things... me Guy and anton sat there laughing at it. Now i hadn't realized it but brad had taken 7 grams to himself and was sitting there looking like he was realy burnt out and had his hand on his forehead. I was getting rather worried about it and i went up to him and said " Hey Brad... you ok?" It wasn't usual for Brad to be so quiet. Now i rememebred he had been quiet all night long... I was beginnign to worry. He then hot up and looked at me and a huge grin went across his face and he started laughing as hard as he possibly could. As a result i started laughing uncontrolably. THen i realized the porn was still on TV. I heard a girl's voice say " Oh my god don't we get enough of this shit at Guy's house?" I started just laughing at that cause of course it's true, every time im there there has always been porn on the TV. At that very moment Sean and Dailynn walked in... Dailynn was wearing a touque and i couldn't help but wonder why? I was still laughing uncontrolably and Dailynn says, "Well i gues i don't have to ask if Graham's on them." Now this set me off... i was now almost on the ground laughing. i soon regained myself and say Guy still trippoing out over the porn. His face was swirling and saw a very over exagerated laughing motion coming from his chest... "Oh well," i thought, "Might as well let this thing ride out, you know make the best of it." So i did. I got up and walked over to the dining room table where most of the people were situated now. I sat down beside dailynn and slowly motioned like i was gonna take his touque... he didn't notice. I slowly inched further and further towards it, trying not to upset anything or make dailynn warry of the theft that was about to take place. i quickly snatched it off of his head and put it on myself. It took me a moment to realize what had happened. i looked at dailynn... there was something different about him... oh my god! He had no hair!!!! had i taken it along with the touque? how is that possible? I took the touque off of my head and looked inside... nothing inside but a koliedascope of colors moving in and out of eachother... nope no hair here. "What the hell did you do to yourself?!" i asked him, almost yelling. "Don't worry about it man." He told me... i knew he was ashamed of it. "Have you touched it yet?" Sean asked me. A new feeling of excitment and anticipation swept over my body. "No, no i haven't" I told him. This was going to be an experience to end all experinces... he still had a little bit of stubble where his full head of hair used to be. I slowly lowered my hand onto his bare scalp and started to rub. I pulled my hand away from it as if it were a hot element on a stove. "Whoa!" I screamed. This was not what i had expected... the hightened touch preceptors in my fingers were going crasy. "Hey Dailynn, can i slap it?" Asked Sean. Slapping it eh? i thought to myself... maybe this would prove to be better than the rubbing incodent. Sean and I took a side of his head and began slapping at it, making what i thought was hte best noise i've ever heard. I couldn't stop myself. It took Dailynn's hand interupting mine to stop finally. He then went to tell me that he had done it at school for 20 dollars in front of the entire school. i could tell why he was so ashamed... but for twenty dollars i probably would have done it too... I then decided to explore Guy's house some more... I needed to experience everything... i still wasn't at my peak... i still had about 3 hours left... wow. i walked thorugh the kitchen and stopped dead in my tracks... there in the kitchen was dailynn's girlfriend... and she is not a bad looking girl. and as most of us know... good looking girls move in groups. so there were two of them! not two of dailynn's girlfriend's but two incredibly (or who seemed so at the time) good looking girls just standing in the kitchen, not joining hte rest of the party for some reason. I approached her and said "Hey Cara, How's it's going?" She replied with "Hi Graham, i haven't seen you for a while" It was true, we hadn't seen eachother in a long time. That summer i had gone to every one of her parties and they were sooo fun, that's when i first started hanging around with all of these people that were there, and now i think that i'm pretty good friends with pretty much all of them. we talked for a little bit and i noticed that she kinda didn't want to be there at that time for some reason and kinda put off bad vibes, so i let her be, to just stand in the kitchen. whatever tickles her fancy. So i went around the corner back into the living room. this is when i realized that Guy wasn't there anymore... where was he? i looked around for a bit, i think just motionless... just scanning the room. I began to wonder why i hadn't seen many hallucinations that night. the last time i saw plenty, maybe because last time there wasn't so much to do, last time i just sat there and mellowed out on a couch with some buddies. Nevertheless, i thought to myself, i have to find guy. I began asking people where he was. I finally got an answer from brad who was tripping hard. later he told me everything he saw was hallucinated... it was his first time and he had taken 7 grams... a foolhearty thing to do, but whatever turns your crank. He told me that Guy's parents had phoned and told him they'd be home in half an hour. and he had told brad he was feeling sick and went upstairs and started to puke... this was not a good thing. this meant i would have to go home soon, and face my mom and sister... but maybe not... i then found kathy and she was sitting there with a depressed look on her face. I asked her what was wrong and she said that the mush didn't work. Nothing was happening... i told her she does them too much and that we should go cause Guy's parents were coming home soon. Then i saw Guy at the end of the dining room table. He looked pale and told everyone to get he fuck out cause his parents were coming home. some people told him to just wait till they finnished their last drink and then they would go, he agreed to this and a carful of us left. Kathy was driving since nothing happened for her and it would be safer this way. Me and anton were in the car and i think i was alone in the back seat. it was big and spacious, but all i could think about was kathy and how depressed she looked... it wasn't a good thing to dwell on cause i would soon be depressed... so i decided to think about hallucinating, and god did i ever... the stitching on the back seat seemed to form rivers of flowing... blue stuff and the stitches themselfs looked like little boats moving down this river... oh my. This was a thing i wasn't going ot forget for a while. i stared at this until we got to my house. I don't even remember how i got in the door, im sure of it now that i wouldn't have been able to in the condition i was in... but anyways, somehow i got throught he door. I looked in my house. all the lights were off except for one above the stove. This was good because that means no run ins with my mom or sister. If i did the plan was to say i was drunk and nothing more. Everything in my house looked blue, no matter what color it was in reality. I headed down the stairs, which was a task in itself. i was peaking now, i knew i was. as i got the othe bottom of the stairs i headed for my room, but first urination... i hadn't done this all night. i went for my bathroom and took a long hard piss... it was good. then i washed my hands. the running water felt really good against my skin. then i looked up... AHA! A mirror. Now i've heard some very bad things about psychadelic drugs and mirrors, but i thought i'd give it a whirl. and whirl it did. it was like a vortex... with my face in the middle. although it wasn't my face... it was familiar... but it was my face with no definitive lines... i kinda blended in wiht the surrounding area behind me... wierd. after this i thought that was enough. the next thing to happen would be bugs crawling under my skin or something so i thought it was time to quit. i went into my room and tried to surf the internet, but it didn't work. i would open up one menu and forget what i was doing and it took me ten minutes to open up internet explorer, this was not the way i planned on spending the rest of my trip. so i layed in bed for a while. Now alone is not a good thing to be while peaking on shrooms... i started hearing voices all around me. my cieling was swirling over and under itself. for some reason i wanted to kill someone... for some reason i wanted to do anything that i wasn't allowed to. break every law there was... is that a voice telling me to do these things? oh god who are you? what do you want from me? go away, go away please!!!! this same hell went on for what seemed like hours, but it was only minutes. It was so incredibly intense. i would try to close my eyes, but i couldn't... or were they closed and this was all a hallucination? i couldn't tell... how must poor brad be feeling right now? he took 7 grams.. twice as much as i took and look at me now! i broke out into a cold sweat. I tried to sleep but i couldn't the voices kept telling me to burn my city to the ground, kill that girl that flirts with you in gym class. Break into another girl's house that you were almost best friends with in grade 9 and burn it down while they sleep! Oh god when will this end?! Is this what it's like to be insane? what if this never ends? what if this is what it's like to OD? (this was before i discovered this sight and found out it's impossible to OD. Oh no i can't breath! oh shit! im going ot die in my own bed! oh god get me out of here! i need space! consentrate on breathing or else you'll forget to! ocme on keep it up, inhale, exhale, inhale... oh god, then sleep came.

I will definately do mush again!

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