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last friday i tripped for the very first time.

last friday i tripped for the very first time. Even though here weren tany visuals or anything, i experienced the most incredible body high. so anyways, i had gottn up early that day, and went over to my friend tobys place. his girlfriend whom i have a serious crush on was there as well. After an hour or so, Pills came by, and off we went shroom hunting. It was soo beautiful outside, everything was just so relaxed and cool, i knew i was going to have a good first trip. Unfortunately, they only found about an eight, and there were four of us. Being the kind people that they are, everyone decided that i should eat em. after a bit of hesitation, i downed the suckers at around 3:30 or so. I kept thinking about if theyd be worn off by the time i had to be home at ten.
right after i ate them, we all went down to this teriyaki pla ce to pich up some food at. while we were waiting was when it hit me...
i just remember tobys girlfriend running her fingers through my hair, and i started laughing. the restaurant was spinning and i was tilting everywhere. of course me and kellis went wild, which wasnt very cool cause we almost got kicked outta the place. once we got back, i had the hardest time trying to eat my tofu stir-fry. it was soo delicious, but i kept thinking it was my dad and i was gonna get caught. these thought did nit mix well at all, so i couldnt finish eating.
later on, we all went up to tobys room where me and my crush sat singing and laughing and talking to each other. toby dissappeares during our peak, i just remember her giving me a mesage(how the hell is that spelled?!) and i totally felt like i was melting into the bed.
i also remember showing everyone my freakin panties, its already been a week and everyones still teasing.
At aroundnine thirty i was really freaking out about my dad, and everything started going down hill. My stomach felt like shit, my head hurt, i looked teriible, and i was positive that i was gonna get busted. But of course, tobys girl couldnt let me get all freaky on em, so she calmed me down and we played with energy for awhile..
my dad picked me up and he never knew a thing. goodness, i swear mydad very nearly ruined the whole trip for me. If you plan on shrooming, i really suggest that you do it when you wonmt have to face your parents for a really long time, unless you are positive that you can handle it.
well overall, i had a great time. i know that all i was thinking about was how in love i am with *ahem*. the only bad thing is that now im acting like a complete fool around her.....

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