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The Downward Spiral (Bad Trip)

It all started out when I bought 7 grams for $20 for me and my friends, J and M.

It all started out when I bought 7 grams for $20 for me and my friends, J and M. We couldn't go shrooming because the farmers put the anti - magic in the cows shit in the back of the neighborhood. But back to the story, I bought the shrooms a couple of days in advance.
A day or two passes and J and M spend the night over at my house. We wanted to be outside the first few hours we start to trip so we asked some friends to baby-sit incase things got out of hand. Remember this is our first trip and we had no clue what to expect.
We at the shrooms and while in the process we all agreed that tasted and felt like cardboard. We didn't chew for an hour or anything, just chew and swallow. After that five minute process we took ourselves outside and walked down the street to our friends house. It was still evening outside around 8 and we weren't feeling the effects 30 minutes before. We waited until it got dark and we decided to go to the store which is a couple of blocks away. But as we walked I had these crazy thoughts about just running and diving head first into the grass because it looked like green water. My sitter told me thats a bad idea and for me so I followed his words.
We got to the store and I remember the lights being bright and hurting my eyes. Someone had brought a scooter so i decided to ride that around on the smooth concrete. I felt as though I was hovering smoothly only an inch off the ground.
We starterd to walk back to my street but in the process we took a wrong turn. As we took this turn J, T, and I saw a gigantic bush that we thought was a turn-up. We all 3 ran to this bush and jumped in and tried to eat it. We found out the hard way the bush wasn't a turn-up at all. I think at this point the sitters where getting annoyed. We didn't care though, fuck them if they are gonna act like that. It will only bring down the trip so fuck them. We all 3 decided to lay down on our stomachs at the park and just melt into nature's carpet and that we did. I say we did that for about an 15 minutes.
After we got up our sitters gave us a cigarette and we enjoyed. I was still gliding happily around on the scooter. Now things start to get a little crazy now. As me and a sitter go to get one of the sitters friend I found out the other sitters have lost M. I WAS PISSED! I mean I have gotten mad before but I mean these shrooms only increased it by a million. We find out he is in a clubhouse in the back of the nighborhood with some people he doesnt know, remember this is in the pitch black back there. Well the sitters and I think it about to be a brawl so we get amped up and go in the dark after M. I was very amped and the shrooms really hit me about now in the wrong way. I saw the darkness and little white light go past me in speeds I can't explain. I mean I felt like I was a spaceship pushing through the universe in a second. We finally got to the clubhouse after what felt like an hour of walking and got M out by getting in his face. I mean this kid did what we told eachother what we weren't going to do.
We got back to my road again but we entered the opposite side we left. One of the sitters got me to calm down. I was doin alright after that, I kept thinking I wasn't trippin when I knew i was. All the distractions and what not, it was all there and I just didnt see it. I guess I just was distracted. I looked to my house and my mom just got home from work and saw me but didn't say anything so I felt a little ease but right after that J's mom calls, or he thinks she did. It was kinda funny because we found out he was just hearing shit. M kept on going on about let's go back to the woods and said there was people back there telling him to go to sleep back there and I was immediatly like FUCK THAT!
We got to a driveway across from the sitters house which wasn't that great because his father could easily tell we were fucked up by just looking out the window. So to act unsuspicuos I decided to lay down and watch the stars, well J and me did at least. M kept on acting like a baby and couldnt even cope with anything. We kept like running away and that was getting on the good side with the sitters.
As J and I were watching the stars we had a toothbrush and was going crazy with it. He just simply wouldn't stop brushing. I couldn't really pay that much attention to him at the moment. The stars were warping beyond beleif. I sat up and looked at a tree and I saw faces upon faces. Old, new, beautiful, ugly, ect...
I got tired of my head being on the concrete so I decided to lay down on my stomach i nthe grass. This is where I think the bad trip started for me. I put my hands together thumb to thumb against the grass and I saw mother nature crying into her hands. They were no longer my arms but hers. This touched me. After this I got up and pulled a gun out of my pocket (my hand shaped like a gun), I thought this would be fun and see if I can feel it. I said to J, "I'll do it right now, I'll fucking shoot!". J replied, "I hate when you do that!". So I pulled the trigger and felt the bac kof my head explode. I had died and fell hard to grass. I got back up though and told everyone I'm bleeding from the back of my head in a carfree tone like I didn't even care that I was bleeding everywhere.
For awhile J and I just looked at eachother and laughed at eachothers face. M was still far from reality's grip. J and I were too but we knew how to handle it, M on the other hand was lost.
I think shrooms only expresses what you are and what you feel inside 10 times more than ordinarily. I mean it can be what you want. If you want spirituality you will come closer to your god and if you do it for no reason it's like throwing a dice because no one knows what feeling you will have in 10 minutes or so.
But back to the story. My trip kept imitating a downward spiral. I started pulling at my shirt, I felt so imprisoned by it's design (basic stripes). My sitter helped me out.
Time to leave and be on our own. It was around 11:30 and we got in and headed straight for the room. I kept reminding everyone to act mad because that is the easiest way to act straight when your fucked up. We got to my room and it was all fine. We layed around and then my dad opened the door, I pulled the mask of the angry on and asked him with an attitude, "What?". He queitly walked away. It always works.
We sat in my room for hours talking of death and not giving a fuck anymore. This was all happening while listening to Nine Inch Nails : The Downward Spiral. I had so many effects happening to me. Everything was blurring and staying like that. J was still brushing his teeth and M was playing with his teeth and kept saying, " Are my teeth falling out?!".
Someother shit happened but I can't really put my finger on it right now. We all just got upset with eachother and turned the light on and put in sublime. Everything was good after that. J and I ate a little more shrooms and just sat around while M tried to sleep.
Things turn out we all wake up in one small bed together. A bad trip behind us and experience in the front.

I hoped you like this. It's like a fucking book but I didn't hold back.

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