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no alcohol trips!

Well, this was by not my first trip, but my first in 3 years.

Well, this was by not my first trip, but my first in 3 years. I was in Victoria, B.C. with some freinds, we were staying at a beautiful youth hostel, with beautiful people staying there. It was about 5 or 6 pm, and we were all passing around about 5 different joints. I was already drunk and stoned at the point that i drank some mushroom tea. I don't know exactly how much i had, but it was probably about two coffee cup sizes. (i didn't make the tea so i don't know what kind or how much was put in). I started to feel very comfortable. And after about an hour or so, i went on a walk with a bunch of people. We all wanted to go see the waterfront. So, as i walked with these amazing people, i began to speak with them. I had the most amazing conversation with one guy, we talked about the universe and how beautiful everything is. We talked about how the only place we have found "god" is in nature, and in interactions with other people, things, and animals. It was the most fulfilling conversation i have had in my entire life. Unfortunatly, i was not experiencing any visuals. Everything looked rather normal, other than being slightly blurred. I couldn't tell if this was fromt the pot, 5 screwdrivers, or the mushrooms. We decided to turn back after walking for 2 or 3 hours. We went back home (to the hostel) and i drank more alcohol. I ended up passing out and puking all over myself and everything. I have decided to never drink and eat mushrooms together EVER AGAIN. Alcohol completely ruined my trip, and made me look like a drunken fool. So my advise to everyone is this: Drink and Toke, Trip and Toke, but DON'T Drink and Trip!

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