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No Cinderella

Well, it was about my fifth time with the little guys, and this time was definately different.

Well, it was about my fifth time with the little guys, and this time was definately different. A change of plan to company and venue had me a little bit anxious to begin with but when i saw the little shrooms with the bright blue tinge to them, i forgot all about it and munched away.
A hour later, i'm trying to play some game with friends and every single word is hilarious. They soon munch theirs and join me in a serious case of the giggles. For hours we watched tv with the volume off, each of us convinced that we could make up better stories. Well his tv only got 2 channels, H (for hockey?) and 13. Anyways we ended up taking a cab home, my friend convincing the cab driver that we were in a fairy tale world the whole way. I got out of the cab at a coffee shop and sat for a bit staring at my reflection in the window. I had to leave cause I was giggling so much. On the way home (in -15C weather) I ended up pourring most of my coffee on my face as I tried to drink it without using my hands. I licked it off and shouted I am a coffee drinking machine which only made me laugh harder. When I got home I closed my eyes for what felt like a second and had a dream where i could fly just by running really fast then jumping. When i opened my eyes, i couldn't decide if i had been dreaming or that was part of my trip.
Anyways, the strangest thing was, i had almost no visuals. I'm wondering if this is common after doing shrooms several times. Every other time i've had intense visuals, as did everyone else i was with this time, but i didn't. Boo...

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