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Lovely, lovely

Hi, Folks--- A friend of mine sold my wife and I some psilocybin chocolates.

Hi, Folks---

A friend of mine sold my wife and I some psilocybin chocolates. Neither of us takes drugs, and I don't drink. Haven't done pot in 10 years and live a substance free life, except for caffeine, that is.

I always knew I wanted to try mushrooms, so the friend recommended a small dosage. We drove to an out-of-the way hotel, checked into our room, went out to dinner, came home and dosed.

We were watching "The Brady Bunch" episode where they go to Hawaii. At one point the camera zoomed in on the waves and my brain went ZOOM right along with!

I went to have a pee and the walls breathed and shimmered. So, so pleasant. We lay on the bed and watched the ceiling move. I noticed the stucco pattern and had to get up to feel it with my hands. I got a little cold and went to get my hooded sweatshirt. When I took the shirt out of the bag, I was overwhelmed; it's my favorite sweatshirt and I love it so much! I told my wife, "I'm in love with this sweatshirt!" and she laughed.

The trip wore off after only a few hours, but it really changed my life...I have always had an issue with intense anger and dissatisfaction with the human race, and this melted away. It was an overall positive trip and I look forward to a level 2 experience at a little better place than a Holiday Inn next time.


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