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A Moment in Tyme

It all started one day when I decided I wanted to trip off something hardcore, not just get the high feeling off weed.

It all started one day when I decided I wanted to trip off something hardcore, not just get the high feeling off weed. I went and i purchased 5.5 grams of cubenis because we got an extra day on the weekend and there was a hardcore bash and this dude johns house, i went there and smoked some pot with a larger group of people then popped in my baby mushies down with about two slices of pizza pie or so, I am new to this drug and was skeptical of what might happen.
This story is kind of emberassing and makes me laugh my ASS
keep in mind i suck at writing
OF when i think about it. but here it goes ....
I dropped the mush along with the pizza pie and sat around listening to some urban rab for awhile with my friends then after it starts to kick in i think about how i wasited my money and time buying these shrooms cuz i could not feel shit. I started to feel a little fuzzy duzzy
When i closed my eyes i would see a cartoon man standing there with spectacles looking at me, like a buisness man,an i started HUCKLING MY ASS OFF, then after awhile i started praying to god to tell him i am sorry for the time in my life when i did not believe in him, i said thank you so much for keeping me safe and letting me have a good life, even tho im not some big wig millionaire and just some middle class kid, its still all tight, aiight. then all of a sudden, "thank you" i says no thank you god then bam it goes "i am not god" i was like HOLY MOLY! (not sure if we are allowed to swear on here) but tried to stand up and all that happend was that my leg kicked, like a decapitated frog which was gushing that blood out his sprockets. but thought that all this was made up in my head because in my self consionus i want to be shroomed up but im really not and could not tell if im makin it up cuz then i thinks quietly to meself, how could this shit be real, tight, aiight. well all of a sudden i closed my lil eye lid snap air tight shut, aiight, then pam pow wo , klaplunk. Blue streaks whisped by appearing like in final fantasy after the part where u kill the big hobgoblin on the boat swimming thru the ocean on his back. anyways , okay... I open my eyes and almost died cuz i saw a big fat face staring at me, but it was my friend i noticed but did not know the second i opened my eyes. Anyways much much more happend truly, but you wont see that till a moment in tyme part 2 episode 2 act 1.
Peace out holmes, happy shroomin just dont be doomin.

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