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Come Back

Me and David a really good friend of mine had just recently found the wonders of smoking pot.

Me and David a really good friend of mine had just recently found the wonders of smoking pot.We had yet to realize the even greater wonders of shroomes.

One night David and I were out looking for some weed.We found our original dealer.He had some pot but was more phsyched about these shroomes he had.We were a little un easy but he said they are way better then pot and at the time i couldn't believe it.So we bought some and headed back to Davids house.His parents were gone for the weekend so as soon as we got there webusted out them shroomes and downed them.They tasted like absolute shit but the thought of "better then Pot" stayed on my mind the whole time.We went into the living room and sat on the couches.I sat on one and he sat on one.Almost instantly i started to feel somthing.I quickly looked at the clock.11:46.So I tried to quickly add the time up of when we would come down but somthing wouldn't let me.It was like I was in a vortex and the answer to my problem was on he other side.I tried to leave my vortex but it just followed me.I soon gave up on the time and tried to enjoy myself.I looked at David.His eyes and nose were constantly switching positions with each other and melting at the same time.I sunk back in the couch but the couch was a little uneasy.It felt like the couch was breathing and preparing to eat me.I told david but the words left my mouth and he heard them but his words entered my vortex and scrambled up.I could see them scramble and blur and eventually melt int nothing.I looked at him nad his face was gone.It was bare of all features.It was just skin.I pointed at his face and he touched it and ripples formed from the contact points ion his face.I didn't like how it looked.I thought he was in pain and i could feel his pain.I looked at the ceiling and a iant rainbow was sworming around.It was a clkoud with a rainbow for a tail.about a million faces were forming out of the cloud and then one that didn't move or chgange as the other came and went was a really familiar face.I couldn't put it together but the more i concentrated the more i felt who it was.The rainbow shattered and the bits became bats and scattered away.The face remained and but the eyues began to glare at me.The cloud slowly bobbed up and down and began to draw closer.The closer it drew the more the eyes widened with anger.Its lips currled and i freaked out.I tried to ignore it but it remained there.I just told my self it was the shroomes.So i got up and decided to goto the bathroom.I looked in the mirror and my face was spinning in circles.I made an evil face and my eyes became red and my teeth balck.I looked away but the reflection stayed.I walked out of the bathroom and thing started tot pick up.David was just chilling and giggling on the couch.But the couch was moving farther away from me when i walked towards it.I tried to out smart it and walk back but it still moved farther.I yelled come back but the words didn't go anywhere they kjust sat there and eventually didintegrated.I thought and felt bad for the words.No one would ever hear them but me..I gave up on the couch and went to Davids room.I laid down on his bed and after what felt like forever i fell asleep.I thought I was falling from the sky and a million clouds were cathing me.These clouds had humble faces but i would smile back and they would turn evil and drop me.This happened until eventually I landed on a bed sitting in empty sky floating there while the clouds drew closer to me.But i can't remeber what happened after that but man it was scary and fun at the same time.Well hopefully you liked my storie.Happy Shrooming!

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