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Dark Woods

I've tried mushs about 4 or 5 times and i really like them.

I've tried mushs about 4 or 5 times and i really like them.I think my best trip was a level 2 or 3 trip,i didn't want to go any further.(i know i will do it,but I will need more time for this)
It was a rainy friday,and a friend of mine asked me to trip with him ..I liked the iddee. I asked him if it would be possible to take one friend with me because he hadn't a plan for this friday evening.
We meet about 9 o'clock pm and started to prepare us for the trip.we made a tea and tinkered one covers from garbage bags because it was wet outside
and i don't like to trip in rooms.(I think you feel more free when you are outside.)

Then we drank the tea at home(wich wasn't my iddee cause on mushs it isn't easy to find your destination).We had about 6,6 gramms of mexican mushrooms for all of us.

Afterward we went to a wood wich is 40 minutes away from me.20 minutes later I felt the first waves of the mushrooms. Everything looked a little bit more colourful and my thoughts started to get weird.At this time we were near a factory.
This surrounding wasn’t very nice so I began to worry about many things.I thought it would alter my mood but in a negative way and I was also thinking about ending up alone here ,near this ugly factory in the rain.

Unpleasant.I hate this thoughts.cause I really feel them
.A time later we saw the wood,it was wonderful it looked so fairy taleful.In the wood I started to relax because the weight wich had me oppressed during the time we walked fell from my shoulders.Now I noticed that our dosage wasn’t very strong.I tried to think about the universe,reality and other interesting things but my mind wasn’t really free.

Then I decided to listen to the music.It was Bob dylan and it sounded really wonderful and loud(this is strange because we only had a little tape recorder wich wasn’t very loud)I wanted to take the tape recorder and dance with it but then I thought maybe my friends would think I had gone crazy.So I didn’t’ do it.We talked a lot but I held far more interesting discussion on shrooms. not ordinary evenly

.It was a nice trip but I had expected more.I think strong trips are far more impressive and beautiful.

I hope you have understood my english because I’m not a native speaker

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