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New Realizations

First I will give you a bit of background information.

First I will give you a bit of background information. The drugs I had tried before my mushroom experience were pot, alcohol and nitrous oxide. I had smoked ganja for 2 and a 1/2 years, but I decided for several reasons that I definately did not want it in my life. The main reason was that I noticed how some of my good friends started smoking constantly, it was all they would want to do when we chilled. So I quit smoking weed a few months ago. But for a little more than a year I had been interested in mushrooms, but wanted to use them responsibly. I gathered tons of information and finally decided to try them. Some of my friends were given shrooms for free, and all enjoyed the trip. So when a guy I knew asked me to trip with him in a few days, I had a perfect oppurtunity...
It was the last day of school, and of course that alone put me in a carefree, relaxed mood. I was with what some call "stoners"; they definately do fit the description. For obvious reasons I will just call them E, C, and V. C is the one with and 1/8 of psilocybin mushrooms, although I'm not sure what strain. Also, the rest of them about an ounce of pot combined. We planned to go camping along a river. We are close to the camp site so there is no need to drive. The guys all get high while I sit and think. Me and C go ahead and eat the mushrooms, only 1.5 grams each. I eat mine with honey, and then eat the rest with a little bit of ice cream. It is around 7 and the group needs to get going to set things up. But what I really dislike about people in a stoned state of mind is that they aren't good at collecting their thoughts. The shrooms begin to kick in and I try to get the people out of the house. One forgets his sleeping bag, another can't find his tent. Most of the people in the group did not plan nearly enough to go camping. I get extremely frustrated for having to deal with these people. I have heard that sometimes when you are on shrooms you have a tendency to get caught up in circles of thought where it is hard to come to a conclusion or make a decision. This was definately one of those situations. I decided to try to relax.
Finally we reached the campsite and at this point I was starting my peak, about two hours after taking them. I was in a much better mood now. I ate part of my dinner and sat down, looking at the sunset. The sky was a deep pink, almost neon but with streaks of purple. Everything looked amazing, and so colorfull. It seemed as if I had never really seen these beautiful colors. Each color held it's own emotion. I watched as a cirrus cloud slowly swam along the sky, changing from pink to deep purple and then to blue. I really wish I had taken the shrooms earlier because the daytime was much calmer and beautiful.
As day faded into night I seperated from the group(they were sitting around smoking joints, not even engaging in any conversation beyond the pot.)I wanted to look at the beautiful environment. I called this 'sight seeing' as I walked around a wide open green field. I thought about how I didn't want to smoke any weed. When I got back one of them asked me to smoke weed. He said "Yeah man, just smoke some bud and your trip will become more intense." A few days earlier I had specifically told him not to ask me to smoke any marijuana while on shrooms. I wanted it to be an experience from shrooms only, not any other substances. Because of the shrooms, I didn't get mad at him, but instead felt sorry for him. I wish I was around more caring people. To me marijuana is kind of similar to mushrooms and alright for some people. But to personify it, mushrooms are like the more interesting and sophisticated brother of marijuana.
Then I went and talked with C, who had also taken the shrooms. He said he was having a good time, and I was, too. I wish i had talked to him more then, but I'll ask him about it sometime soon. Out of the blue I got a very uncomfortable feeling as I wondered what would happen if I never came back to reality, if the mushrooms never wore off. It made me nervous and near panic but C comforted me by telling me that it wouldn't happen. I felt better after that.
My friend E and I decided to go to a nearby grocery store as I wanted to walk and he was hungry. And something very odd happened to me as we passed a cow field. There were a bunch of cows and they seemed rather hostile towards us. Of course they have reason to be, as humans kill thousands of cows every day. But I noticed they seemed very calm and noble. They also struck me as very intelligent.
As we walked towards the store my trip was wearing off, which was actually a relief to me. We talked about philosophy and such as we went and had a great converstation. I felt better as the trip ended and there was a period of time that I used to reflect on the occurences of that odd summer night. I believe doing mushrooms was a worthwhile experience, and helped me understand more clearly the way the world works, and how to drastically improve my life. It motivated me to do some things that I may not have ever done otherwise.

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