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The door is a switch. Wow.

Well, it was my first trip.

Well, it was my first trip. And I was in my house - alone. Yea, I know, you're not supposed to do mushrooms on your own - especially with your first time - but I'm always the kinda guy who takes risks now and again. Besides, I sorta -had- to take them that day, so it was then or never. Heck, I really wanted to go ahead with it y'know? I was in a good mood and in love with life, so I didn't see much risk.

Either way, after I ate my mushrooms I was just sitting on my bed listening to music waiting for the effects to kick in. I was beginning to think I ate the wrong kind of mushrooms because it was just under an hour and I felt quite ill. All of a sudden, I started seeing dots of light, and for some reason, found my music absoloutely hilarious. When there were high notes, I felt like I was 'going up' with it, and vice versa for low notes. It felt like being on a rollercoaster in a sense. Either way, after god knows how long of sitting there giggling away, the phone rang - I forgot to disconnect it. I began to panic and decided I'd run away from the phone which was on my desk. Unfortunately, when I looked down to the floor from my bed, it looked like a huuge drop. Obviously, I began to panic some more, but eventually managed to bring the guts to crawl backwards as if to clamber down... it wasn't until my feet touched the ground I remembered it was just an illusion. I spent another god knows how long laughing at myself for that, completely forgetting about the phone.

Once I recouperated, I went into my bathroom and blocked the entrance with a chair. I spent a while in there smiling at the patterns on the tiles because they were swirling about etc. I had to turn off the light though, because I was getting really irritated by it. I soon got hungry, or well, thought I was hungry, so I went to the kitchen and opened my fridge. To my utter surprise, a light came on. Fascinating! I spent -ages- playing with the fridge door and kept saying things out loud like "The door is a switch" and laughing merrily. I gave up on getting something out of the fridge though, because I decided not to go in there because the light could be dangerous, so I got some bread and sat on the floor, eating it and sharing with my dog who I also found exceedingly fascinating. I spent the rest of the night trying to draw stuff with crumbs (although my dog didn't exactly allow me) and thinking about life in general.

Can't wait 'til next year so I can pick some more. It was bloody great fun! Definitely gonna do it with my friends and girlfriend next time though.

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