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long 1st time report

Ill try to keep this short as possible but I know it wont be.

Ill try to keep this short as possible but I know it wont be. (just a warning)

Well as a little backround I am an 18 year old male just ending his senior year in high school and ready to head out to college. I had wanted to hallucinate ever since I was 14, I always just wanted to see what it was like. I had tried other drugs such as Nitrous Oxide, Cannibus, and Alcohol but nothing was that great. I had some good times on pot and it was fun but not what I was looking for. Lately a lot of my stoner friends were talking about mushrooms and how they wanted to try them. I only talked a little about it before, never really letting anyone know I wanted to try them. Well the night rolled on and we went to pick up a pretty crappy 1/4 of cannibus and my friend just called and asked me if we wanted 1/8 of shrooms with it for 40$ , so of course I jumped on it.

We got home and smoked a bit talking about the mushrooms and how we were gonna split up an 1/8 three ways. Luckily I was used to doing it from pot so we split it up in quantities according to who put in the most money. My friends Chris and Justin got a gram while I got a gram and a half because I put in the most money. Now the plan was to stay home monday (we had off school) and try them, so we could be safe and not have to worry about anything. I was so excited about trying them I was electric about finally getting ahold of some. We smoked a lot that evening (friday evening!) which was cool enough till our stoned conversations turned to the shrooms when my friends convinced me that chris would do what we wanted and drive us around or whatever we wanted to do while Justin and I tried them. Chris would try his on Monday.

I originally didnt want to do this because I was afraid of having a bad trip but Chris soothed me into trying by saying he would do whatever I wanted to help me calm down if I started feeling a bad one. I was with my two best friends Ill ever connect with so I said the hell with it and ate a huge stem and a small cap and a few peices of "shake" at the bottom of the bag. Justin also munched his down. It was horrid , I had to chase the shrooms with cranberry juice and I still almost gagged. Well I ate them and we just chilled. I was nervous to hell but really excited. I didnt expect to trip out and have a huge level 5 trip or anything, but I also hoped I would get more then a stoned feeling of a supposed level 1.

Then the trip started.

I had eaten a regular amount that day so I wasnt expecting a really quick start. I went upstairs to use the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror and noticed I was red and hot/itchy. I started to sweat and noticed sort of a weed high coming on feeling. I was confused if it was the shrooms or the huge amount of weed we smoked today. I ran downstairs and Justin was sitting on the couch, his face is normally red so I couldnt tell if he was feeling the same thing. Justin is fun to be fucked up with but he never talks when hes high and he wouldnt answer me so I took it as normal that he was feeling something. 45 minutes after eating them I felt mentally high and confused but I didnt see anything which was dissapointing. We spent the rest of the time in my house laughing our asses off for some reason. I heard shrooms made you laugh like on weed but I had no idea you laughed that much! Anyway it continued like this till I figured I might jump start my trip by going into my room and looking at trippy pictures on my computer while my strobe light is on. It worked! I remember seeing cartoonish pictures that were the same color of the colors behind my eyes fly at me from out of the corners of my eyes from times to time. I would stare at the computer screen and see white / black and purple/red small blobs and dots out of the corner of my eyes and my light had a halo around it. I noticed this was one of the first signs I had read about a trip, so I got nervous and excited... I realized I couldnt turn back now. Well we sat around and that almost seemed to even subside a little. My friend chris who was only a little buzzed off of my the Mary Jane suggest we go to his house and get gas money and head to the circuit. The circuit is a round stretch of two lane road that people keep running around with lights stretched out 1/4 mile apart. Everyone brings their nice cars out they will race, show off their cars in parking lots along the way, or just chill and talk to friends. Well I didnt like that idea because I wanted my first experience not to be like pot where you get fucked up and do things. I wanted to experience these in my own way. Not as an aid to have fun but as an insight. Oh well I said yeah anyway because I was starting to think I didnt take enough and was getting grouchy and didnt want to argue with anyone. Walking to the car I can only remember a warm feeling as though my bones were on fire but it felt really good and relaxing. We went to Chris's house and chilled while he ate some supper quick.

This is when it really kicked in.

THe funny thing is it took about an hour and a half, which surprised me. I had pretty much given hope when I noticed my friends plaid wall had colors in it I never noticed before. If I relaxed my eyes and stared at his wall I saw yellow and green blobs circulating around his wall and the wall began to slowly but surely pulsate in and out. I wasnt too sure I saw it or not but I caught Justin staring at it too and we laughed more. Things started to get a blur here but it finally kicked in. It didnt feel like it then but now when I think about it, .. It feels like a huge space of time like 3 hours or more between walking out of his house and getting to the circuit, like a lot of stuff happened but it was only about 10 minutes. He lives really close to it. Anyway my memory snaps to the back seat of Chris's car when I suddenly snapped into the train of thought that I swore to myself I was in a dream. Everything even looked like every memory I had of a dream. The thought of me living a dream was so real to me I can not explain it. Anyway , it then seemed like my minds eye was so clear and vivid that it almost over-lapped everything my eyes saw. My modes of vision switched to where my primary mode was my minds eye and I could see clear was day, while my ocular vision was pretty cloudy and in the distance. I suddenly realized how long its been and realized how it felt like I just woke up from a dream. Every part of the circuit I could analyze in such small detail in so small of time it was simply amazing. It blew me away how new the circuit was and how I had never seen ANY of this before but I had been out here so many times. I even remembered what it looked like before, but it REALLY felt like I was a kid just seeing it for the first time. I then closed my eyes watched the blobs of color and let my mind wander. I heard some of my friends I knew in another car talking to chris who was driving but I didnt want to look up and break this intense meditation. In my minds eye I was at the cross-roads of my life and I was caught up in it. I was so glad im here, this is a perfect spot to be in life. I couldnt be more content with my life, I was happy with the person I had become despite all my bad qualities and how much a loving soul my parents raised me to be. Everyone I loved was also such a great person. Everyone I knew was so great and loving at heart. I loved everyone in my life and I wasnt scared to admit it, I told Chris and Justin I loved them but only Chris responded saying it was cool. Normally I wouldnt just come out and say that, just not being comfortable with it, specially to other guys. While doing all this I enjoyed a very nice body high that it felt like I could almost control for some reason... It felt like I could make my hands and arm go entirely numb whenever I wanted them to. When my hood of my jacket rubbed agains my neck and ear it would make my entire head go numb. I just kept thinking of the Pink Floyd song Comfortably Numb and Roger Waters singing in his solo song how the world had "Amused itself to Death"

Anyway I snapped into a mode of thought that I was finally there! I might only be here for a little bit but I finally made it ! My minds eye saw raining umbrellas and puppies on the sides of buildings. For a little bit that night I was there! All I can say is you just cant describe it. Everyone is right when they say there is nothing to describe it, youll know it when you get there. Everything I ever wondered flashed through my mind, quickly explaining itself. I felt like Yoda and I went down each path of my life and saw bits of my future. I was so happy with my life and the direction it looks like its heading. I realized I did drugs, I smoked pot and tried mushrooms.. this brought me down a little but I realized how I might do them, but they dont interfere with my life. Im still going to college, have girlfriends, have great friends, still do ok in school, and still work for my money. I smiled this whole part of the trip and went through the universe. Anywhere I wanted to go, I was there. I wouldnt say I guided my trip but I can say that anywhere I wanted to go I could.. even inside my mind and dig around.

When I finally got to this spot of my trip, the pure heavenly awesomeness of the shrooms showed itself to me. I realized how people can easily do this all the time and waste their life. I was shown that I have to respect them and shrooms have so much power that they deserve to not be done every other day. I was worried that the overload of info about my life would make me into an introvert but I was so engrossed in it I could only think one thing: "I cant think about anything now, I just have to ride it out and think about it when im done."

It felt like a big accomplishment had been done that was my goal through my teen years. Where was I to go now? Would I stop smoking pot ? Would I do this and that? What SHOULD I do? I have no idea.

My trip ended with me going to my house and going to bed at about 12am , about 4 hours after I ate the shrooms. I wasnt tripping or anything but I still felt like a weed high a little and had a really hard time going to bed. I eventually did though.

In closing when I look back at my first trip, I had the room to have a really bad trip, and Im glad I didnt. I didnt have a very intense trip at all, no super obvious visuals. I am glad however that my first time was how it was. It was perfect to me. I wouldnt mind doing shrooms like once every other month to remind myself of the void. I know this was a huge novel and im sorry if you didnt find the info you wanted in it, but I feel as though it was neccesary to tell my story as it was the only way I feel I could adequately describe it.

Thanks and happy shrooming.

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