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First Timer Trip

Just last night I bought 3g's of mush of one of my friends.

Just last night I bought 3g's of mush of one of my friends. there was three of us and we each put a cap and some leftovers on a burger we bought.. after about 30 minutes and a joint later we still weren't feeling anything.. so we waited a little longer and smoked another joint.. My friends mom who was upstairs finally smelt the weed so all of us had to rush upstairs and out the door.. what a rush. Not 2 minutes after we left we forgot what we were doing... we walked about 2 blocks.. one of us would stop then another one of us would ask what the heck we were doing.. that contiuned for about 2 hours until we reached my friends house... quincadentaly he only lived 2 blocks away from the house we were at before. Obviously we hit climax then and one of my friends started to freak out, he started to say that his body was sinking and hands were grabbing his face. So we had to fucken duck tape this kid to the floor to keep him from freaking out and waking up my friends parents. lol, that fat ass is still on the floor right now... Im doing mush again tonight and hopefully I'll have a more entertaing night

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