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Great First Trip!

This is the report of my first ever trip.

This is the report of my first ever trip. Ya, it's not gonna be the most mind blowing, out-of-this world account, and may sound a bit tame, but hey, it was my first trip and like most people it was special for me and I had the desire to record it for others to read. That being said, I went to visit my friend B from college who lives in Philly, about 4 hours from where I live in Connecticut. It was like 3 weeks into summer vacation. We had tried to shroom several times during the previous school year but shit always fell apart at the last minute- you know how it is- so I never got to do it. So about a week before I was supposed to go visit him he called me up and asked if I wanted to do "what I had wanted to do real bad all year?" when I visited. Of course I knew exactly what he meant and was like "hell yeah!". So he got them and I took the train down to Philly on Friday afternoon and the weekend was on. Friday nite we did nothing but smoke, but Saturday nite we went to one of his friend's houses near the city (he lives way out in the suburbs) and his cousin M showed up with the goods. We at them at about 1 AM. It was my and M's first time, B's third I think. Contrary to everything I'd been told, they didn't taste bad at all, in fact didn't taste like much of anything, and I got them down easily with a little water. So after this me, B, M and one of their friends went to get cheese steaks nearby and while we were in the restaurant I was hoping they'd kick in then and there cause the floor was made of those little black and white checkered squares and looked really cool even without shrooms. I can only imagine what they must look like when you're tripping. On the car ride back to the house, while B (he's a little anal) was instructing us on just how to act on our trip ("don't point out shit you see, cause the others won't see it, blah, blah, blah") my fingers and elbows began to feel a little light and numb and my stomach began to get a warm flush to it, and I knew the trip was on. I was happier than a kid on Christmas (or Hannukah). When we got back the other kids there were playing cards in the dining room and we went in and sat down. after the game broke up it was just me, B (I don't know where M was) and B's friend and B asked me how I was feeling. Needless to say, I was really beginning to trip harder and everything just felt great, and everything looked really cool and beautiful. (I hate sounding cheesy like that, but it's true). I borrowed B's cell and went outside to call our college friend S who lives in Cali. He had wanted to shroom too at school but never got around to it and was kinda disappointed. I really wanted to talk to him (he, along with B is one of my best friends in the world) and share my experience with him for a bit. He was happy for me and while I was talking to him and walking around the street outside and looking up at the sky the trees just started looking really crisp and really cool, especially when the wind blew. I was in heaven; I was loving every minute of it. It didn't hurt that the temp was mid 70's, fuckin' perfect. I went back inside and we decided to watch "How High", so me, B, M and B's friend A (who wasn't shrooming, but who was really stoned (we all smoked too before and after eating the shrooms) went upstairs to a guest room and popped in the movie. It was really awesome. Every joke seemed 50 times funnier and soon it started to look like they were talking kung-fu style, you know, where their words weren't matching up with the movement of their mouths. That made me laugh so hard. Any actors in the foreground of a shot also began to look like silhouettes, almost like cardboard cut-outs against the background (like South Park kinda), which was also really cool. Around this time I also looked up at the ceiling fan, which looked fuckin' sweet just spinning there. I must've stared at it for 15 minutes straight haha. At this time M mentioned that he was trippin hard and that made me realize (oh so happily) that I too was trippin my balls off. Unfortunately B never felt nearly as much as me and M did that nite, but had a good trip nonetheless. After "How High" was over M put in "The Matrix". DO NOT watch "The Matrix" while tripping. I began to get that unmistakeable uneasy feeling, and in the scene where Keanu Reeves wants to make a phone call from jail but they sew his mouth up so it looks all nasty and freaky I knew I had to get out of their or I'd freak out. I (calmly) said I was goin outside for it bit and did just that. What a great idea. The minute I got outside I felt 1000 times better and I just lay in the grass and stared up at the stars (it was like 3:30-4 AM now and I was still trippin good) and felt completely content, like everything was goin fine at that moment in my life. I just lay there with a big smile on my face watching the stars twinkle and the trees sway in the breeze all by myself but knowing that one of my best friends in the whole world was upstairs and that I had a ton of awesome friends at school and at home and that I was really grateful for that (your mind tends to wander...). After about 1/2 hour (still trippin good but beginning to come down) I went back upstairs, ready to face "The Matrix" only to find that they were now watching "Gladiator" (which was great to trip to) and settled onto the futon and joined them. B was done, tripping and A was tired so we decided to turn off the movie and go to bed. Me and M were still tripping (M especially hard) so I lay don on the futon and just listened to the fan whirr in the darkness and watched the lights flicker on the house next door through the window. M said he was going to sleep outside and left. I slowly fell asleep and when I woke up, M was back on the floor, asleep as were the others. I lay there feeling great (refreshed even) and just thinking about my trip. Eventually everyone woke up and M explained that he had gone outside, come back inside, walked around downstairs staring at stuff, tried to take a shit, chilled in the kitchen, and fell asleep on the downstairs couch. He kind of had a bad trip towards the end cause he was all alone tripping in a strange house, but was fine now. He didn't remember how he got back upstairs. He definitely tripped the hardest that nite. Later that afternoon I was on a train back to CT reliving the experience over in my head all the way back. Sorry this was so long. I didn't mean it to be, but I wanted to get the whole experience in there. I didn't talk to Jim Morrison or discover the meaning of life, but then, I never wanted to. It was still a great fuckin trip! Thanks for reading, if you made it this far.

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