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gulf coast

it started out we paintrd this apartment for a quarter of gulf coast.

it started out we paintrd this apartment for a quarter of gulf coast. we split it two grams each. We recieved a 8g bag with a bowl in the baggie too. me and 2 other friends started painting and then another friend joined up later. We finished painting the apartment and smoked the bowl with some friends of one of my friends. One of the guys talked about how he gave the original spores to the landlord who grew the mushrooms and gave some to us. He said they were gulf coast. Me or two of my friends had never ate any before. we ate the mushrooms 2 grams each. they were big tall mushrooms. we started tripping and started laughing like crazy. I heard my friends talking about the cieling/ walls breathing which I also saw. I didn't hear much else from them. For a long time it seemed I saw yellow everywhere. I saw yellow auras around all my friends too. I also saw tracers/ breathing I was pretty out of it and it seemed wierd stuff happened by odd coincidences. A truck pulled out to far into a intersection by the apartments we were at. And my friend said ooh pulled out to far and we all laughed and it backed up a little and turned. Even not that funny statements were hillarious. My friends parents came up and got us and told him they would never drive us to our friends house ever again because he stayed over too late.

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