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Stupid Bum

I'm not too sure on which level this fits in but its pretty crazy.

I'm not too sure on which level this fits in but its pretty crazy. This was maybe last month or the month before, me and my cousin decided to try shrooms for the first time, we got nice dried up ones, maybe bout 5grams all together, i took about 2.8 and he took the rest, we went to mc donalds and ate them there. Since I was the one who read up on them and stuff I told my cousin it would take a while to kick in because he was getting impatient.

We took a short walk to the arcades and we were watching this guy play Dance Dance Revolution(a dancing simulator). On the backround of the screen there are these trippy designs and i was just staring at them and practically drooling. My cousin saw where I was staring and then he started drooling too. It took about 20 minutes for it to kick in. We went to the metro(some people call it a subway) because we decided to hang out at a forest near my place. When we reached the bottom of the stairs towards the metro my head felt like it weighed a ton, my whole body felt so heavy that i just decided to sit on the floor, and my cousin felt the same way so he sat next to me. We sat there doing nothing for about 2 minutes but then all of a sudden we both burst into laughter and we couldn't stop. We had nothing to laugh at but it seemed to be really funny.

When we were on the metro train I pulled out a couple of drawing and trippy art I printed from my bag. We were staring at them and watched them change little by little. I was so into it that I almost missed my stop which was about 15 minutes away from the arcades.

When we reached the forest it already got dark outside, I though we were in the metro forever. We walked into a forest and took a seat right in the middle because all the tables were covered with groups of Filipino teen all drinkin Colt45. While we were sitting I looked up and the wind was pushing all the trees' leaves in a way like I was looking into a kaliedoscope. I almost fell off of the metal bar I was sitting on. After I got bored and cold so we walked over to a bus stop. There was this bum with a shopping kart full of boxes and crap and he was just standing there in the middle of the street.

After about 30 seconds the wind started to kick in really hard and some of his boxes started to fly away, me and my cousin started yelling "HEY MISTER, YOUR HOME IS FLYING AWAY" and then we would just point and laugh then we walked back to the metro station. We just sat there staring at every single person who would walk by.

After sitting there for almost an hour I felt a little sick so we went to my cousins place, right away we went in his room and we were trying to sleep. right when i closed my eyes I started seeing a bunch of snakes coming out of a hole but I didnt freak out because I like snakes and I knew it was in my head. I opened my eyes and looked over at my cousin and I see him waving his arms in the air as if hes trying to kick the airs ass. I asked him what the fuck he was doing and he said he wasn't too sure. After about 2 minutes I saw him lie down on his side and place his hands on the ground and his feet on the side wall...he started lauging his ass off and said that he was on the cieling. And that was pretty much our first trip. Our next trip will be next week so I'll type out my report then.


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