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My way to Wonderland

I'm not too sure what level I should put this story in, but seeing as how it's been only one week since I've tried shrooms, I thought Level 1 would be ok.

I'm not too sure what level I should put this story in, but seeing as how it's been only one week since I've tried shrooms, I thought Level 1 would be ok.

I tried shrooms On the weekend for my first time. I didn't know what to expect. I took them with 4 other people. We bought 5 grams of shrooms. It takes about 25 minutes for them to kick in. After we started feeling it kick in, we went for a drive out on the highway. The music was blarring, and everyone was laughing and having a good time. I started to put my head down and closed my eyes only for about 2 minutes. I looked up right away because 2 girls that I were with screamed really loud. So as I looked up the headlights were red instead of white light. It didn't last very long, only for about 2 second, and gradually went back to white lights. I at first I thought it was the brakes, but the brake lights are in the back. The screamed because they seen a rabbit on the road, and we almost hit it.
Later on that night, we were finishing driving and heading back into town. On our way we seen the ambulance. We had a feeling that it was another friend that wasn't with us. He was uptown hammered as hell. We followed the ambulance , and it was him. He tried jumping over a fence in someone's yard, but didn't make it and fell on the steps, and had a concussion. They took him the the hospital, so we followed them. Before going in, I stood outside with a friend, Glen, to have a cigarette. While we were standing outside the hospital, he started talking to me, and telling me how fucked up this was. It was his first time trying shrooms too. Anyway, while he was talking, I reached out my arm towards him because he looked like he was in a picture. Like the background was a picture, and he looked like a cut-out - like he was the only thing that was 3-D. After we left the hospital, we took him (joseph - the guy who had a concussion) back home, and Kristin stayed behind to keep an eye on him. We all left afterwards and went for a walk down by the riverside. I noticed the my pantlegs were bugging the hell out of me, and I kept on stopping to fix them wit hmy hands. I noticed I can see every crack in the road, and hear everything from a half-mile radius. I walked around with my arms crossed, and it felt like I was talking giant stpes... I'm gussing about 4 ft steps.
We ended up walking to the 7-11, and Charmaine walked in the store, and seen a huge person, and he looked like a BIG gorilla, it scared the shit out of her, and she ran out of the store. She stood outside for a little bit, then decided to go back in. As she walked in, a guy was walking in behind her. She came walking up to us, and she turned around and seen the guy who was walking behind her, we weren't looking at him at first, but when she started laughing, we all looked and couldn't stop laughing. We all peeked right out. He had glasses on, they were like saftey glasses though, and he had BIG ASS eyes, like a bug.
After we left the store, it was getting late, so we went home. As I got in the house, I went downstairs into the basement, and right into my sister's room to see if she was home. She wasn't. I stood in the middle of her room and just stared. I looked at a ruler that was on the table, well, half off the table. It looked like it was melting off the table. It looked so fucked up, so I decided to touch it and it was a bending ruler. So I let it pass by, then kept staring around. Then I noticed the walls looked like as if they were moving closer towards me, like closing in on me, so I freaked out and ran out of the room. It took forever to get to sleep because I heard mosquitos that were outside at the my window... my window was closed too. Eventually I fell asleep.

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