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First Trip, Great!

I had my first time experience with 5 other friends last week.

I had my first time experience with 5 other friends last week. We got the shrooms from my friends dealer ealier that day. We started eating at around 8-9 that night and within 30mins were trippin. I hallucinated on 5 different occasions:
1 - I believed i was in an underground hole and my friend was a snake trying to get at me, although i wasn't scared, mre excited.
2 - I was face down with my arm over my head, I opened my eyes to see i had spider web all over my arm, as soon as i went to touch them, they dissapered.
3 - I was on my friends bed and he jumped onto me and bit into my leg, I emediately started screaming, and call him a vampire, I was so shit scared at the time although now I don't really remember it clearly.
4 - My friend was holding a camera witch had a samll red/orange light on it, i didn't realise it was a camera and i though it was a cigarette. He dropped it then i started freekin out thinkin that i was goin to get burnt. 5 - The host of where i was at had a "window", some people have things for lights and other objects when they are trippin although i had something for this window. Everytime i looked out it, it was better than before, the night sky filled with city light and stars. Not far from this window was a large building with a huge red light coming from it, im not sure weather it was a room or what, but it was cool. I thought it was a massive head and the red room being an eye.
Anyway my first trip was great and im doing mushies again this weekend. ARNEZ. May the shroom be with you...

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