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Boom...What the? Heh


Anyway...it was my first time in amsterdam so naturally the thought of legally purchasing and consuming weed intrigued me. I was there with my buddy M(who stayed clean throughout) and life was high and dandy until i happened to pass by a Smartshop which had the words Magic Mushrooms in bright psychedelic colours on its front windows. With M egging me on about how this would be my only chance to try some guaranteed, quality stuff, i bought 2 grams of Mexicans and headed back to my hotel. The Mexicans were supposedly able to give me a happy and controllable trip.

Swallowing it was tough but the rewards i was about to reap would prove to be more than worth the trouble.It took about half an hour for it to hit me and prior to that i remember being anxious about what would happen. I felt a hot/cold sensation sweep over as i relished being in an advanced state of relaxation. The Specialist was playing on TV and up to the moment it started, i had yet to experience any hallucinations. I got up about 10 mins into the movie to use the bathroom and wash my face.

Then it happened. My reflection started giving me funny looks which made me laugh. In retrospect, i realise how hilarious it must've been having a joke session with myself. I actually told him that i'd be right back before i went to lie down.

Everything else from that moment on was highly amusing and i guess the critics were right, The Specialist is a comedy!

My new found powers of enhanced and altered perception allowed me to listen to every word stone, stallone and co said in slow motion. Glancing at my watch occasionally, i noticed that time, for me at least, was moving extremely slow. One disturbing part of the trip was that whenever somebody died in the movie, i felt a morbid sense of calm and relief as though i had been released from a purgatory of sorts.

One final experience came as System of a Down's Toxicity mtv came on after the movie.The song hit me as a multi perceptual experience and I could somehow feel and see the music. Music never sounded that rich and I've been a fan of theirs ever since.

I didnt sleep the rest of the night as i pondered about my first foray into mind expansion. Two thumbs up i say!


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