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boring first time

I had decided the weed no longer cut it for me.

I had decided the weed no longer cut it for me. The highs were weak, not what they used to be, and the stuff was seriously starting to mess with my head. Mushrooms were what I decided on after much thought. I had heard many people in my school talking about these psilocybin pills, and gotten word that they were about as strong as an eight of shrooms. I decided what the hell, and had my friend front me some cash after he offered to hook me up. I took the pill, wanting to wait until that weekend to try it out, but after my football meeting, it was calling out to me. I told my friend Jeff that I was going to take it then, and asked if he would stay with me because he was my bro, and had experienced tripping before. I took the pill, and headed for the center from my school. After walking for a bit, I had a slight happy feeling, but I figured I was just in a good mood from football. Me and Jeff headed off for some woods, coincidently named ¡¥the mushroom¡¦ after all the kids in the 80¡¦s that tripped there. Nobody does anymore, but we thought we could bring it back. I noticed that the sides of the path (dense bushes) seemed to be moving, and I grabbed a leaf. I was just starting my trip now, and I noticed a small caterpillar on the leaf. I proclaimed its name to be ¡¥mumbly Joe¡¦, and found this to be hilarious. I carried the leaf for most of my trip, and actually forgot about it. After getting lost on the paths, my friend walked thru a bush and we ended up back on a main road. The road, I noticed, happened to no longer be concrete. Concrete doesn¡¦t ripple in the wind now does it? Making our way back to the center, and having a very stupid conversation with my friend in which I was constantly accusing him of trying to bug me out. I kept on yelling ¡¥why are you starring at me???¡¦. After asking him about it when I came down, he explained to me that normal people will look at you when you talk. Anyway, I was in a giggling fit, and couldn¡¦t help but make some very odd noises as I suppressed my laughter. I watched Jeff¡¦s face as we walked, and once again got angry at him because his face had a whole bunch of odd lines on it that were pissing me off. I wound up to punch him on the shoulder, and as I brought my fist forward, I saw the tracers. I stood in awe, and waved my hand in front of my face for a good 10 minutes before the experience began to make my head feel very strange. All the cars on the road were turning very strange colors, and this too was also hurting my head, so I decided to watch the ground as I walked. The ground was very interesting as well. When I'm high I will look at three specs and see the triangle that connects the point, and it became a habit when I was bored and sober too. The only difference was now the triangles were jumping out at me, and spinning slowly. They also seemed to follow me instead of me walking past them. When we made it back to the center, we went into Vinny Testa¡¦s, and sat down. The waitress brought us our complementry bread and the menus, and my friend whipped out his ¡¥one free ceaser salad¡¦ coupon. The waitress was pissed, and she ripped the menus out of our hands. I held onto the bread ƒº. Anyway, I stared around at the pictures on the wall and was rather disappointed to see that I had already stopped tripping after only 1.5 ¡V 2 hours. I expressed my dismay in a string of curses that got me another look from the waitress. Although the trip was weak, and no where near ¡¥mind expanding¡¦, and I saw no hallucinations, I think I'm just going to up my dosage and get straight shrooms next time. Never weed again, because that weakass trip was better than any high.

(email me if you know anything about these pills because they pissed me off. Nickleback9528@hotmail.com)

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