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Crash and Burn

For about a week I had been planning on tripping with two of my friends, Jess and Halle, at Halle's apartment.

For about a week I had been planning on tripping with two of my friends, Jess and Halle, at Halle's apartment. Jess picked me up at noon today, and we drove for about half an hour to Halle's.
I had 3 equal doses weighed out for what I had hoped would be around a Level 3 trip. When we got to Halle's, we immediately sat down at the kitchen table and passed out the shrooms. Jess had never done them, and this was Halle's and my second time.
Jess didn't seem to mind the taste, and I didn't either. Halle thought it was disgusting and only ate half of the dose that I had weighed out for her.
I didn't think she was going to even feel much of anything, but she was actually the first to start noticing the effects and the one who felt them the longest.
Anyway... After eating the shrooms we all chatted and sat around the living room. After a little while, we got bored of making conversation and decided to smoke a bowl. After this we all started to feel the effects.
We all just started staring around in amazement. I don't know what the other two were seeing, but to me everything just looked very interesting and vivid. Since I had just done shrooms a week ago, I think that I definitely had a tolerance built up and I didnt have any real visuals or feelings of pure joy and amazement like the first time. Halle and Jess both seemed to be enjoying themselves thoroughly though.
Soon we began geaking out at nothing. One of us would laugh for no reason in particular, and then the others would join in. Then we would try to talk, but we all found it very hard to hold a conversation. We decided that not talking was the best idea. None of us could understand what the other was trying to say for some reason.
We were listening to Jefferson Airplane, and we all started getting really into the music. We got up and were dancing around the living room, which was flooded with sunlight from the beautiful day outside.
I thought it was gonna be a good trip.
But then, as we were all dancing in our other world, Halle's neighbors came to visit. Halle is a good friend, but I don't really see her that often because she lives 30 minutes away. She always has people coming over to visit... People that I don't really good along with for a lot of reasons. I had asked her if the three of us could just trip alone together without any sober people coming over and she said that was fine. I told her that the sober people might bring us back down to reality and that I might feel uncomfortable with them around.
Well, for some reason she didnt listen to what I said and people came over anyway.
Immediately, I started feeling upset. I got into this mind loop where I just kept thinking "why did halle let these people come over... i wanted to trip out alone... i dont like these people... they're bringing me down... their bringing me down... i can't let them do this... i should go somewhere else... does jess want to go? i dont know if i should say anything... i really dont like these people... their bringing me down."
And they really were. I was no longer in that happy world of amazement. I was seriously bummed and felt like I couldnt escape. I suggested going outside, and Halle wanted to bring everyone with us. We walked to a neat cemetery by her apartment, and for awhile I started feeling better. It was a really gorgeous day. The colors were so bright and beautiful. I was in awe, but I felt zoned out and disconnected.
The cemetery eventually turned into the same bad trip. I didnt get along with these people at all, and I basically just kept quiet and trotted along after them.
We sat and smoked a bowl in the cemetery and I got really paranoid b/c people were everywhere. This wasn't the trip I had planned on at all.
Finally I talked to Jess and she told me that she wasn't having a good time either. Throughout the cemetery she kept saying "I'm thinking about things so much... I really feel like I'm figuring things out. I'm thinking about things in a whole new way."
When we left the cemetery, Jess and I told Halle that we were going to go. It was a really awkward moment b/c Halle said she was still having fun and didn't want us to leave, but Jess and I really felt uncomfortable with her other friends. We had both pretty much stopped tripping and were back to normal, but a little zoned.
I wish Halle wouldn't have had those people come over. She had actually invited them when I asked her not to, and it made me really upset.
If you're going to trip, make sure you are really comfortable with the people you are going to be around. I didn't think it was possible to have a bad trip the first time that I did them, but the negative vibes of being around those people I didn't like really brought me down. Don't let this happen to you!


P.S. I think that shrooms are something that should only be eaten once a month at most. That's a really hard thing to do if you have easy access to them, but I think it's best. For one, tolerance builds up and you won't even feel the full effects if you do it a lot. Doing it twice in a week also made me feel very disconnected from reality and depressed in a way. It takes a great toll on the body and mind and is not something to be treated lightly. Thanks for reading :)

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