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Move In Day

Background: This trip occurred only 24 hours ago.

This trip occurred only 24 hours ago...while I was moving off to college. It was unexpected, and unplanned for, and the dosage was a guess at best...I don't recommend trying this.

So...finally time to move away from home and settle into a dorm for the first time. College is only two hours away, and I'm stoked, but I have a problem....I have a single mushroom cake to take care of, and I have to take it with me. It's in a small container that I can fit into a backpack for transportation, and there is a layer of perlite underneath. My family is helping me move my stuff in, but I am riding up in my friend's car. The goal is to carefully and secretly transport the cake into my friend's car without tipping it over, and then upon arrival, to transport it up to the 7th floor and into a closet without anyone noticing....a very tough task, but I ws up for the challenge.
So I tried...and promptly ran into a problem. When I transported it to the car, it tipped inside the container, and got drenched in perlite. A tragedy to be sure!!! I was very unsure about the future of the cake, but it was partially through it's first flush and there were several small mushrooms already forming. One had fallen off. I took the single mushroom upstairs, washed it off, showed it to my friend, and said "what the fuck do I do now?!" I was fairly positive that if the mushrooms didn't die, the cake would probably be contaminated. I quickly came to a conclusion...I had to eat the mushroom from the cake...oh damn. So I tossed it into my mouth and 30 minutes later, the trip was underway.
Toward the beginning of the car ride, I decided that the other mushrooms had little chance of survival, and so having a cup of water with me, I rinsed them off (3-4 pre-pubescent mushrooms), and ate all of them. The following is what happened.

It's about 30 minutes after consumption...starting to feel a little shroomy. Traffic is bad, but I don't mind...the scenery is more interesting. Oh look, there's a paper mill...and a field...fascinating!!! Ah, the road looks a little twisty...the cars all look so surreal. I'll just sit back and enjoy the ride...
About a half hour until arrival now...tripping a little more. Getting a bit nervous about arriving...extreme butterflies in my entire body. Emotions changing rapidly...excited, anxious, scared of parents finding out....how will I get the cake up there? What if someone finds out? Will they kill me? Must not let them find it...
The Peek hits right on arrival. Hmmmm...lots of people moving in. Uh oh, out of car now...walking towards parents. Feeling like shitting pants now. Ok, they don't know I'm on anything...who would suspect anyway? Ok, walking into dorm office...many posters...very colorful...overwhelming. Big guy greets me and starts asking me to sign things and go places...very scared now. Ok, now we go to the elevator to go to the 7th floor. Hmmm...lighting is dim...pupils dilating...uh oh. WHOA shit!!! The floor is rising...feels like I'm getting squished from above....SHITT!! When it stopped it felt like we were being stretched out. Out of elevator now...walking to dorm room. Ok, inside now...meeting suitemate. Seems cool...I'm scared as shit. Elevator creeped me out...still feels like I'm moving around even when I stand still. trying to act normal. Ok time to get the stuff.
Many more elevator rides.....ugghh. At one point I have to take an amplifier up...after I go on the elevator and get up to the room and put it down, my inner equilibrium is shot...oh damn. Dad is trying to talk to me, but it's hard to concentrate...feels like I'm growing and shrinking...swelling and condensing. Very cool, but way too overwhelming.
Meeting tons of people at every turn...elevators are backed up with people moving in...time to take the stairs. Wow...endless staircase...must go on!!! I get out to the car...ok, time for the cake. I conceal it amongst a handful of items and make the long trudge up the stairs. It's difficult to balance with them twisting around like this...who designed this staircase anyway?!! Ok, got it into the closet, now for everything else...
Ok, everything is moved in...still shrinking and growing though. Time to get dinner with the family and say goodbye...emotions going crazy. After dinner, they leave and I return to the dorm....ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Done at last.

After Thought:
Don't ever try this. I'm glad that I took so few and such small mushrooms, but it was so unpredictable that I could have easily tweeked out. Way too much emotion and stimulation involved. I was lucky I was able to appear normal. The worst part about it...when I had the chance, I cleaned the cake off and it's fine...damnit!!! I did it all for nothing...but I suppose it's an experience I'll never forget. Truely strange!

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