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power at altitude

i set out on a saturday up the hill with my two friends for some mushroom picking.

i set out on a saturday up the hill with my two friends for some mushroom picking. there were a spot we found a week earlier, it was a green grassy pasture which layered the top of a relatively daunting cliff range. on the way over i had munched about a gram of dried mushrooms which we had left from the week before wen we picked on the same place.

after i took it i started to doubt what i had done and kindof whined to myself that i might not really be in the mood to trip. my mindset wasnt exactly healthy. this wasnt good, but when the effect started to come on in the usual effect of these particular shrooms when the high appears as a gentle non physical glow, brightness and aura to everything. i told myself to get a grip, i took the shrooms to trip and i would enjoy it, amazingly i obeyed myself and started to feel really good, it was a sunny day and i knew it wasnt a high dose as these shrooms arnt as potent as cubensis which my friend had taken. he only ate two, very large freshly picked tazmanians from our other friends homegrown cakes. although he only ate two, they were large and oozed with blue. enough for some brief ego deflation i though.

so the main point to come up as well as eat shrooms was to pick shrooms, two activities which i enjoy usually seperately, had never really thought about the innevitability of one day combining the two. the wind was blowing the grass all in one direction and any peice of hay or anything that wasnt grass was all dancing in a wonderful mezmerizing pattern, the sky and clouds looked beautiful, i had to lay down in the grass for a while as a gently peaked. bearing in mind this field is at the top of a cliff, and i had considered this but felt safe anyway. i laughed at myself as i lay theyre peaking i was lying with my head nearer the cliff edge and it felt as if the earth was tipping slightly very slowly to try and roll me off the cliff edge, my friend who had eaten the taz said he was feeling the same thing, my other non shroomed friend who is scared of heights got more scared than us. i laughed alot but mostly into myself. i lay and watched the clouds in the sky move, although i dont get any vivid halucinnations on a trip this low but the clouds and the sky and the natural place i was in gave me that familiar feeling of beauty, appreciation was felt as a warm dazzeling emotion.

suddenly a troop of about 15 backpaking tourists walked past, this didnt bother me but it brought me back to reality a bit, so we got up and walked about looking for more shrooms. i was like a hyperactive child searching for easter eggs. my friend was worse, sometimes are screams bordered on sheer phycotic when we found a lot of shrooms or a good sized one, we were laughing our heads off. the wind was blowing pretty hard and i was cold, but i was getting powerful bursts of energy, sometimes my friend would go crazy and declare himself "boulas" the local zoo's silverback gorrilla, he would tear out grass in mad rages of screaming, i tried it and relised how much strength and extra energy i had, i felt like i could run 20 miles or grab someone, squeeze them like puddy and throw them 20 miles, this was unusual for me as shrooms sometimes make me feel heavy and tired, or relaxed. i felt that screaming was a great way to let out stress, like i was physically throwing up anger to keep it out of me. u always feel better after throwing up anyway. we spent about an hour in that one patch of grass just picking shrooms and laughing, screaming. the sun had gone behind a cloud and it was getting cold.

so the shrooms had kindof wore off but the mindset was still there and the energy. we walked down the castle to get a cab home. there i showed my friends an old 18th century spiral outer staircase with a statue of a large wild mystical cat about 6 feet in front of it in the bushes, i had seen this on a trip about 6 weeks ago and thought it meant something. but it didnt. goodbye

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