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The Dark Jungle Vibe

The Dark Jungle By: Nathan Written September 8th 2002 Tripped August 30th 2002 I was at one of my best friends houses , his name was Brian and his parents were gone for the weekend.

The Dark Jungle
By: Nathan
Written September 8th 2002
Tripped August 30th 2002

I was at one of my best friends houses , his name was Brian and his parents were gone for the weekend. We were planning on doing shrooms at nine o clock but of course the dealer didn't have any so we had to wait until 1am before we got them and ate them at around 1:30 am. Me Brian, Josh, and Vanessa were there. Vanessa went home and the four of us planned on eating 4 grams each. The dealer divided up the bowls and we ate our four grams from the cereal bowls.

Now my friend Brian has a brother, now I dont mind his brother but his brothers friends are total idiots and they were not going to do shrooms with us, after they saw us buy them they were excited and wanted to do them with us. I didn't see this as a problem at the time but it was a huge problem later on in the night.We will refer to these idiots as C and C from now on.

Me Jay and Josh all went down stairs I played videogames for a bit because Mario Sunshine just came out, after about 30 minutes I was conviced that they were not going to work , I wasn't angry but rather disapointed. Jay was looking at the wall and Josh went upstairs. Jay asked me if they were working and I told him no. Brians basement is one of the unfinished ones,the room resembles a christian cross. At the top of the cross is a drumset and a sauna, at the bottom a couch with my gamecube, at the left an exercise room and to the right a computer. I brought over my CD that I solely created for tripping and played that. Still convinced that they werent working I walked into the weight room which was very dark at the time.

After I got into the darkness I was overwhelmed with a sense of fear, that surged through my body , I ran to a matress lieing near the couch and jumped on it very scared, and almost crying. AH harr, the trip begins.

I tell Jay to turn all the lights off in the basement, so he does and it is now pitch black, I felt like an explorer in a dark jungle,me and Jay were like children, we were not the only ones down here our shadows also accompanied us, we would talk to our shadows as if they were our friends and were dancing to the music to make our shadows dance with us, we were overwhelmed with happiness at this point. There was a mirror lying up against the wall in the exercise room, me and jay had to make it into the room to sit next to the mirror. This room was no longer a weight room but a dark jungle. Shadows flicked off the walls from the exercise equipment, the walls in the room bended inward and outward...I stumbelled right next to the mirror and realized it was a matress on the ground, me and Jay sat comfortably on the matress hugging eachother in fear
because the basement was almost pitch black. Looking into the darkness I had no idea how big this room was, it looked as if it was the size of a huge stadium , things started coming out at me, faces were looking at me, angrily , a hand reached out at me and I yelled "whos down here" , the walls were breathing in and out with every breathe I took, the only light was now coming from the power on a speaker, it was a orange light at the other end of the room ,this light was exploding like fireworks on a dark night sky , the colours swirled and moved towards me. I now notice that even though I am in a pitch black room there is colour everywhere, I close my eyes and the colour remains, patterns are swirling towards me and spinning all
around me, I look at Jay and cannot see his face anymore, his eyes look like they have been cut out of his face but I assure myself that I am just tripping and I tell jay not to look at me.

Someone upstairs opens the door. Me and Jay scream "Close
the fucking door" "WE control the basement" and the person closes it. Light was our enemy in the basement and anyone who brought light into the basement was also our enemy. Me and jay were feeling a strong vibe now on the matress,and it was about two hours into the experiance.

Someone else opens the door, and turns the light on it was Brian me and Jay decide to scare him by sitting perfectly still in the dark weight room, he walks in right in front of us and asks "hey is anyone down here" he then looks at us and jumps because we were sitting there like zombies with expressionless faces, We tell him about the basement and he decides he wants to trip with us for the rest of the night.

We now decide to play videogames in the dark , I pop in RESIDENT EVIL and start playing, the cinema scenes are all to real and all of us are very excited and scared at the same time. I let Jill die and put in a snowboardning game for Brian. Backtrack to the second paragraph of this report. Remember C and C, well they come running down the stairs turning on all the lights, yelling jibberish and wondering if me Brian and Jay are okay, they are moving
around hysterically and ruining the vibe we had going.

I tell Jay that we have acheived such a great vibe togehter that anyone who feels the same as we do will want to feel the same as us for the rest of the night.I whispered to Jay "lets leave the house" so we snuck out of the pandemonium in the basement and went upstairs. left through the backdoor, grabbed Cheesies, and Red Crush and went into the giant forest outside of Brians house.

AS we walked through the forest the trees looked amazingly 3-D, I knew I saw in 3-D my whole life but now it was like I finally noticed that the world was not in 2-D, all the trees were coming out at me and I looked up. The stars in the sky were swirling in small circles and were connected in a huge honeycomb. the moon looked like it had a face in it , it was saying something to me but I didn't know what. I spot something in the trees that is glowing white and ask Jay what it is.

Jay doesnt see anything so I walk closer and realize that there are glowing white peices of metal twisted on the ground, we sit on them and feel very uncomfortable, but we dont want to move, we share the cheesies and the crush as if they were godly meals, the crush tastes so sweet down my throat it feels like it is going through my whole body. And each bite of a cheesie was accompanied by a loud CRUNCH.

We get up and continue walking back to the house. WE get to the backyard and C and C are running around yelling "we thought you guys were dead" "your alive" , acting very confused as me and Jay stood casually. Brian comes outside furious yelling at me and Jay for leaving him with the annoying C and C. We say we are sorry and go back into the house. C and C keep following us so me and Jay hide in the hottub, of course C and C jumps into the tub with us so
we leave that area as well.

Once we think we've lost them we sit in the garage but they follow us there again. you have to realize that while they were following they got our minds off shrooms soo much that we werent even tripping anymore, thinking
the trip was over we went downstairs and tried to sleep to some music (fat boy slim and bad boy bill)... as we sat in
darkness me and Jay realized we were still very fucked up , becuase the ceiling was caving in on us, spikes were falling down on me, and I was in the most comfortable position in my life, we were sharing a child matress but it felt like a feild of cushy softness, my body was totally relaxed and I was loving it. I felt the vibe again and..........C and C changed the music

to crazy train which for a fourth time wrecked our vibe.

I ran outside by myself, Josh and Brian soon followed, I stared at a majestic tree that looked like it stood hundreds of feet in the air and melted with the sky around it.

The only way to feel my vibe was to walk into the forest by myself. So I did, without anyone. and it was a great experiance I appreciated nature , the leaves were all a blur and I could not see in multiple colours any longer everything was a shade of blue, I walked back to the house and realized that I wasn't tripping out badly anymore. I talked with brian about what happened that night and then told everyone to come with me and watch the sun rise, we all did and talked about last nights events. And then went back to his house to eat breakfast.

C and C were finally gone, the whole event lasted from
1 am to about 6. I rode my bike home, everything looked alot brighter and I had to squint the entire ride home, all the trees were greener when I made it home I slept, still feeling numb and disconected,

this lasted a couple days.

When it was all over I was glad it happened but wished that I was in a more controlled environment I suggest to anyone who reads this to try psycadelics if you are an open minded person, and if you want to acheive a higher state of conciousness.

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