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im so happy:)

sorry for all of these (/) and these () i dont know why theyre there and cant get them to go away.

sorry for all of these (/) and these (<>) i dont know why theyre there and cant get them to go away...my computer sorta sux.

well, this was my first shroom trip and the only thing other than pot and alchohol that i've done.

me and my friend C had been wanting to try shrooms for about a month before we managed to get some. we only had an 8th to split between us and we decided to make mushroom tea. it was our first day back to school, and we had from about 11:30-4:30 to do our shrooms and then we were going to go see a movie because our parents would be getting home. well a sorta friend of ours (although he was someone we would rather have not had with us at the time) saw us and offered to smoke a couple dubies with us on the skool field. we agreed, but then he wanted to come over and smoke a whole bunch more pot with us. we let him come over but ended up smoking much more than we planned, about 3 grams. so we were TOTALLY ripped and the shrooms were starting to kick in when we somehow got it in our head that our friend HAD to leave.

so we kicked him out saying we needed to have a nap (C was getting paranoid and seeing scary ass shit which freaked me out). we ended up sitting around C's house for about an hr and a 1/2 cuz C was seeing evil plant creatures and dead bodies and eyeballs and shit like that everywhere, therefore not wanting to do anything and i was to messed to think that much.

i was getting freaked out cuz C was scaring me and for some reason everything i thought of or looked at scared me. everything i looked at seemed all dark and evil, like from a horror movie or something. everything i thought of seemed wrong for some reason as well. i kept trying to talk myself out of being scared but it was impossible with C so scared.

as for visuals i kept on seeing things sorta "scuttle" around in the side of my vision but instead of making me happy it scared me cuz i think i just had a bad mindset cuz of C being scared and smoking all that pot. and when i was just sitting in a chair i would see a floating sorta ghosty image of myself looking at me when i looked 2 the right. i cant really remember all the closed eye visuals but there was lots.

finally we snapped out of being scared and went for a walk which was SO nice. we were feeling SOOO happy and like EVERYTHING was WONDERFUL. then we went to my house to get oranges and never got them but we did get other food which tasted totally awsome, i mean every bite was the BEST! but not in a munchie way.

then we got on the bus for the movie but missed it by half an hr so we went to the grocery store and bought more food and drinks. then we walked back lay in this high schools field in the shade and talked. the whole time that we werent paranoid we were unbelievably happy and we wanted to talk ALOT and really fast. C became obsessed with "pretty things". i had alot of really deep thoughts and more happened but i dont wanna drag this out longer and its not that clear even to me.

even though this was'nt very intense it was GREAT and i definitely wanna do shrooms again except plan it better and have a better set/setting. thx 4 reading, happy shroomin and stonin.;) o yeah, sorry its not very detailed.

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