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new dimensions

for a while, i had been DYING to try mushrooms!

for a while, i had been DYING to try mushrooms! my buddy came over one day, and he says to me, "i got some good news. well, really good news for you. we got a hold of some shrooms!" so i'm about to jiz in my pants, i'm so excited. we go to his friend's house, where we dose. the house is in a national park. it's an old, old house, with a big giant yard. the perfect place for trippin. it got dark out, so we went outside and played frisbee with this frisbee that had a scrolling message along the side, when it spun. it said "MMR ROCKS" stupid fucking local radio station. i got really amped while we were playing out there. i was jumping up and down, doing cartwheels and shit. i had a great attitude towards everything! (usually, i'm afraid or bummed out by shit) we went inside, and the one dude wanted to watch movies. i think movies are fucking lame. we watched the royal tennenbaums and the man who knew to little. the first movie was funny and touching, the second LAME. by the time the second movie was over, it was getting light out. my buddy drove me home, and that's when i really started tripping. the first thing i noticed was how awesome nature really is. then i started feeling really good about myself, as i'm usually shy and lacking confidence. colours were a little more vivid, but not that much. he dropped me off at my house, and i was WIDE fucking awake! so i walked in, pretending i was super tired, said hi to my parents, and i went upstairs. my room seemed SO REFRESHED! what was even cooler, was that my ma had washed my sheets while i was gone! my room never looked so awesome. i stood above my bed for a few minutes, noticing how it seemed to hover an inch off the ground. then i got in it, and that's when the visuals kicked in a little. my walls were breathing just a LITTLE bit. i closed my eyes, and the real trip began. interdimensional beings were showing, telepathically, whatever i wanted to learn. i learned about life, death, dimensions, spacetime, anything. life is like the first level of a video game. a person is not ready to die until they gain the wisdom and experience life has to offer. when you die, you move to level 2, in a way. it's a progression of greater and greater beauty. there's this fifth dimension (as opposed to height, length, width, and time), which you move thru those lives. it's sort of like an in and out dimension. this is the same thing in which all things come from the void.

i pretty much fell asleep after that. i think it was 7 am by then. i woke up the next day as one would normally be after being out so late. the band practice that night was super tiring. just play and go to sleep. sleep is awesome. i'm gonna go to sleep soon.

oh, and i still have a bit of the confidence the shrooms gave me!

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