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My first shrooms, relaxing time, throwing a cat arounD!The waves.

2 of my older work buddies planned to trip with shrooms after work one day!

2 of my older work buddies planned to trip with shrooms after work one day! they invited me to join in the fun. I was reluctant, and kindove pooped from work, but decided to hang out with them. we went down into one of the guys basement, which was rather cramped up and messy., they took a full bag of shrooms, ate alot of them and started palying halo. I didnt want to do the shrooms so instead i had a 1/2 a bowl of good weed. They kepted on telling me to do them until tfinally, they said thell let me have them for free. They took out a small bag that was fatly filled with alot of shrooms. that must have cost alot! I put in and chewed on four mushrooms, which they sayed was a good amount that would give you a nice smooth time.( i dont know what kind they are). No one told me they tasted so bad! i quickly swallowed them down, then drank a glass of orange juice adn took a vitamin c pill. my buddies said that vitamin c adds a tiny small bit more punch to the shrooms, By this time all 3 of us were playing halo 2. online of course! By that time(10 o clock) the weed was hitting me at its height, and i thought i shouldnt have taking the shrooms, im already pretty high, i dont wanna freak out or anything, because ive heard all these nasty rumors of how hallucigins fuuck you up. Somewhere around 45 minutes i started to feel somehting. It kinda felt like something was slowly swirling in my head. Slowly it came on, not hard at asll like i ecpected. I gradually felt more and more loose, also disconnected with my surrounding and the 2 people. one was kool dude was lkaughing alot, the other one was extremyl into the video game, like he was proving that he was the best halo player. i had trouble playing the game, i would always forget about it, lossing intrest as my body felt like ocean waves. It was very relaxing. it felt like waves gently swaiying with my body, which was one with them. I didnt really pay attention to the walls slightly change in texture every now and then. i waas all rapped up with the waves. But after 1 and a half hour of taking the shrrooms, i need to take a piss. i got out of the room, my buddies not sayijhg a word. i wnet into a brightly lit bathroom. Everything seemed to gleam from refleting the bright light, it was almost blinding.i took the piss, feeling very sad when the pee went out, and then looked into the mirror. My face seemed to pop out. my eyes expecially seemed more focused, and larger too. i mustve spent around 20 mintues in there, just looking at myself. I headed back into the room, which now had music which felt like it was pouring out of the room. I instaly went into a laughing fit as i went in there, because my 2 work buddies were haveing fun tossing a extremly fat cat to each other. The cat was meowing like crazy! They passed it to me, but i was laughing to hard to catch it! it hit my arms and fell to the ground, quickly sprinting out of the room. We all lauhging for a while, then sat down and listened to the music which was playing. It was Mr. Bungles 2ned album( icant remember the name hehe) (if you guys never heard of Mr. Bungle, get all 3 of there cd's right now because they are a crazy modern prog band. The music seem to be coming from all around me, which was very weird because it was just a plain cd player, not surround sound or anything. I again was absorbed by the wavy feeling in my body. i havent said a word to my buddies since i ate the shrooms so i asked them if they were feeling wavy too. But my voice startled me, it seemed like it wasint mine, it didnt even seem like it came out my me, it was very strange and a little frightining. They said that it sounds like you have just the right amount. the small, skinby looking freind said he had about 6 shrooms and he said he was tripping like crazy and everything seemed to come alive to him. He said he could see the walls quickly, strongly contract, changing colors as they go. Im gladd i ddint have that much!( sounds scary!) the other guy said he had 8 shrooms but explained saying that "i ve been doing shrooms on a daily basis for about a week now so i think my tolarince has gone up" he still says he was tripping out, and said tghing much like the other one. SLowly, my high came down, and the waves lessed and lessed in power and force, leaving me down that it was getting over but made me glad that i experinced it and not saying no to shrooms, i became EXTREMLY sleeping. it became incredibly hard to not yawn and close my eyes. i said it was abouyt time for me to go. the second buddy came me a paper grocery bag that was full of asmtel lights! hje said to plz take this and dump it in the park! i was glad to do so, him having me giving me the shrooms for free. I did a half ass jump putting the beer in a mettole garage contair in the park nearby. i went home and laid down in bed and quickly wentinto a deep sleep...thx for reading!

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