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the cave

This was my was my first time taking shrooms and at first I was a little nervous.

This was my was my first time taking shrooms and at first I was a little nervous. Actually I wasn't nervous I was anxious because of all the stories I had heard. It was a about 6:00 pm when me and 4 of my friends took them. Chris and I took a whole 8th each and the other 3 had about a half each. There was one more person but had already been smoking meth for the last half-hour and didn't take any with us.

We were all sitting around in Eddie's living room, he was the one on meth, and kind of waiting for it to happen. I noticed it as we were talking. It was kind of like a stoned feeling. But all of my words had a deeper, more emotional meaning to them. Our conversations were very intellectual and we all felt as if we had been friends forever.

After a while me and Ritchie, who only ate a half 8th, decided to go into Eddie's room. It was dark outside and so was his room. We both sat on his futon which was facing his double-door closet. The closet was about 10 feet away from the door, but if I would stare at it for long enough it would seem to move towards me. And then I noticed that it was in sync with breathing.

Me and Ritchie were talking when all sudden the closet turned in to a cave. It was pitch black inside there and I kept thinking something was going to come out. It was freaking me out, but not in a bad way. In a sense I wanted to see something come out of there. I mentioned this to Ritchie who immediately got up and ran into the closet. I couldn't believe my eyes. He just disappeared! What do I do? I wanted to go in after him, but I couldn't move. And then I looked to the grown, and among all the clothes and other random things strewn across the floor I saw my friend Peter. I couldn't remember how long he had been there for.

I slowly crawled towards the closet and looked in to see where Ritchie went. And I couldn't find him, but he was talking to me and I was really trippin out. I decided that I was scared and I ran out his room into the living room where had the shock of the night. When me and Ritchie left the LR there were 4 people. Now there were about 20 people sitting at random places, none of whom I knew. They were all smoking meth and shit and so was Eddie. And then they all left and it was just us 5 again. We all started talking again about the deep shit we were talking about before. And after a while Eddie started to piss me and Ritchie off. So we decided to take a walk to the 7-11 and Peter came with.

On the the way we had another deep conversation about how one person can manipulate the thoughts of other people. This talk was started because of all the things Eddie was saying to us. And he was making us think different and we thought he was trying to turn us against eachother. It was about 10:00 pm and we were full blown trippin and all the stars seemed to pulsate and move around. When we got to 7-11 Ritchie and I went inside and I'm telling you, if you get a chance to go in 7-11 on shrooms, do it. The colors were so vivid and bright. Everything was moving, only slightly, just enough to notice. And the colors were so vibrant. We only bought a water and a slurpee, then we went out side to share them. Everytime we drank the ice cold water, our senses would intensify causing out trip to intensify. We could feel the water going through our body and then being warmed by our body. It was awesome. All in all we had a great trip. All went well and I am planning to have a 6 gram trip over in Santa Cruz on 4/20 2006. Any one that wants to join us just find us. We are in a group of 10 or more people.

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