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The Cat knew I was tripping, oh it knew...

My story begins only two days before I wrote this report.

My story begins only two days before I wrote this report. It was friday night, I was driving around with my buddy Paul. He told me he had some mushrooms, and I had been dying to try some for almost two years now, but could never find them. My expirience with other drugs has been vast, I've smoked pounds of marijuana and popped plenty of pills, adderall, morphine, robitussin; you name it. I was done with the unnatural stuff, and I had smoked too much marijuana, to the point where it wasn't fun anymore, in fact it was somewhat bad. This was my savior.

We met up with our other friend, Tom, and all three of us were real good buddies so they were perfect to trip with. Paul got his mushrooms, and after a little convincing, he bought us each a half eighth so we could trip with him. After a long night of deciding how and where we were gonna do these, we got to a party. The setting was sort of uncomfortable, and there was a kid there I wasn't too fond of. There were only about three other kids there. This situation was bad off.

We hadn't eaten in a few hours, so we drank some orange juice, and ate our dose. I secretly only ate half of mine due to the fact I didn't like the setting and I wasn't having a completely good day. I weigh about 120 lbs. and I'm a male, for a little more background information for you.

After about a half hour, my friends started tripping real hard and I started to feel the body come on. It just felt like gravity suddenly shifted so it weighed a whole lot less, and everything felt pretty good. My mind definitly wasn't normal, although I could act it. I tried acting like I was tripping harder than I was, just to be on the same level as my two buddies, but that was just stupid and quickly ended.

I decided I started loving the feeling, and the setting was actually really nice and comfortable, no parents or anything to worry about. The kid I wasn't fond of all of a sudden had a conversation with me and I realised he wasn't too bad. So I finished off the half eighth, once again in secret.

About an hour into it my friends and I were just walking around, talking, laying around, laughing, just lounging. Nothing too special. But then the true trip began, and my sense of order in the following events was lost so I have no idea which came when, but this is what happened.

I walked out of the room we were chilling in and went downstairs. I went into the refrigerator, got a klondike bar, and went back up stairs. I had only eaten one bite of it, and then dropped it/threw it somewhere on the ground. I said something about it and I think everybody started laughing. I started laughing too, and we just had about five minutes of laugh sex.

Paul started pretending he had a ball in his hands, like a ball made of air. He was whirling his hands all around it, and it seemeed to take shape. He threw the air ball at me and I caught it, and started doing the most unblelievable things with it. I put it in my shirt and flung it out, ate it and shit it out, whirled it all aboout and everyone, including the other three kids who were now all high out of smoking a hookah (I smoked some too at some point) were simply amazed. My mind started racing through thoughts but I still hadn't any visuals at this point.

After that I reached my peak. The kid I wasn't too fond of walked with me out of the room where we saw a cat. The cat stared at me and I stared back, and I grew this sort of connection with it. It moved its head to point more directly toward me, and I swear to god it was the weirdest feeling I had ever felt. It was like it was tripping, and it knew I was tripping, but it was confused because humans are usually not in the state of mind a cat it. It was studying me, and I had my eyes locked onto its. We stared at each other so deeply, almost to the point where we could see each others souls. It was sort of eeri, but at the same time I loved it.

I was loving my entire trip. The other kids left and it was just me Paul and Tom. They were saying shit like it wouldn't matter if they died right now, how they couldn't stop thiinking, and at some point we all wanted to find a pen and paper to start writing our ideas down because we were chock full of them.

I was stairing at a wall and something under a picture frame started moving. I'm not really sure what it was. I also looked at some belts hanging off the wall, and the seemed to wiggle every once in a while. I was astonished and I was amazed, and once I again I completely loved it. THe trip was 100% positive.

I blabbed on and on about our existance and the wonder of it all, and I started growing angry because Paul was talking about some normal life shit. I said something like "Dude how can you even concetrate on that bullshit right now! Don't you see that none of the little shit matters and its a distraction. We're curious little entities just put here out of no where and we're always trying to figure out our purpose, why are you thinking about some petty shit like that."

The lights were turned off at some point, and the CEVs began. Actually my eyes were open, but I still saw closed eye visuals. Shapes and patterns, colorful and detailed beyond imagination. It was like I was wearing HD glasses to view some of this shit. And it was right there out in front of me. The most vivid memory of a visual I have is when I closed my eyes and saw a worm thing form in a square, forming by one light green little circle at a time. All of a sudden I could see the little pixels on it vaporize into even tinnier more detailed pixels of a different color and I just yelled out "HOLY SHIT!!"

I loved the visuals. I looked at some sort of fan thing, it had bars of plastic jaling the fan, the bars going across horizontally. I remember them sort of flowing and waving about, going up and down and doing all kinds of weird shit. This wasn't my favorite visual, but it was cool.

My mind was going through all sorts of shit, but it was all about my existance and stuff. At one point I came into a realisation, and I felt this warmth come over my body as it was such a happy and positive one. It was something along the lines of "We're all living our own realities and people focus too much on what others think, they use others to justify their realities. If we can just concetrate on our and manipulate our own we can reach the highest nirvanas." I scrambled on the ground looking for a pen and paper, and to my suprise I found them right there. I tryed writing my theory down but it just came down as non sense. I started writing other things but after a moment I just gave up.

Paul and Tom were trying to fall asleep and I repetedly tried explaining that you can't fall asleep when you are tripping. I remember Tom saying something like "Wake me up in the morning" and I laughed hysterically at this for one reason or another. I thought well yeah no shit you wake up in the morning.

After failing to fall asleep, I remember Tom going into the bathroom and staying there for a few hours for some unknown reason. I through a magizine under the crack of the door and I heard him a few seconds later just say ".... Awesome" And once again I started cracking up.

He got out and at this point the trip was completely coming down and we were almost back to ground zero. We started asking each other a lot of questions and came to the strange conclusion that its the questions in life, not the answers. I'm not sure what that means. We were competely dazed out but all three of us had a completely good trip. I was sure of it, but Tom and Paul were like "Umm it was good, I guess. I think. What happened." We were completely out of it.

My brain was pooped out from everything I learned but I was sure of one thing: I have new favorite drug that I will probably be doing the rest of my life. It has everything I like in it. And you can't take it more than once every few days so moderation is forced, I don't have to moderate myself. It's non-addictive, super fun and spirtual, and the things you see are awe-inspitring.

I love mushrooms. I can't wait to take a bigger dose.

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