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The Cage

I had planned to do shrooms for some time now but did not have the chance until a friend of mine obtained about a ounce of them.

I had planned to do shrooms for some time now but did not have the chance until a friend of mine obtained about a ounce of them. Me and five other friends bought some off of him and decided to trip at a friends house while his parents were on vacation.

Since this would be my first trip I decided on taking a half eighth. I chopped the shrooms up finely and put them in a tall glass of orange juice. I quickly chugged the orange juice not noticing the bad taste that i was informed of. After all of us ingested the shrooms we went out to my friends pool. At this time it was about 4:30.

At the pool I decided that I did not feel like swimming so I decided to just relax and lay in the sun waiting for the effects to come on. After about 15 minutes of sunbathing I noticed myself deeply admiring the beuty of the trees surrounding me. I marveled in their power as the swayed back and forth in the wind. At the same time I noticed that my body felt like it was mildy drunk. But I was still reletively clear headed.

My friends decided to dry off and go back inside, I agreed and followed them in. Inside while I sat on the deck with my friends I slowly felt myself going inside myself as I was talking to them. After a little while of talking to them I started to watch myself talking. I quickly realised that I was not making any sense out of what people were saying and that what i was saying was rambling information that did not pertain to anything. I felt like I was embaressing myself so I decided to walk inside my myself and make sense of what was happening. When I walked into the garage I notices that the oil on the concrete floor was swirling around randomly. A friend walked in the garage by me and all I could think about was getting away from him and venturing off by myself. I walked back inside and started to think that I was stuck inside myself. My body felt like a cage that was retaining me. I tried to imagine what it feels like to be sober,but my mind found it impossible. During this time I believe I was experiencing intense visuals but I was so deep inside myself whil I was walking that I was oblivious to it.

While I was thinking I wandered into the bathroom and began to stare at myself in the mirror. At first I found comfort in seeing myself. It felt good to know that I was not a invisable mind that was floating from room to room. But then I realised that what I was looking at was not me, it was the cage that was confining me. I then began to feel uneasy so I decided to turn away. I found myself with my nose to the wall staring at that white walls, I saw every grain in the wall spiral around eachover. At this point I began to realize how fucked up I was and remembered how isolated i felt just a moment ago.

I then left the bathroom feeling better and set out to find my friends. I discovered my freinds wathching the movie "Belly" in my firends living room. I collapsed onto the coach happy that I had overcome my feeling of isolation.
The stars of the movie were rappers Nas,DMX,and Method Man. Being familiar with their voices from thier albums that I owned I began to interpret every word they said as them rapping. I found this incredibly funny and began laughing unconrollably. I sensed my friends were hearing the same thing beccause they were also laughing.

Shortly after I tried to figure out if I had reached my peak. I looked at my watch reading 6:30 I tried to distinguish how much time had passed but my mind found it impossible. I would quickly give up and began watching the moive again. But then I would find myself looking at my watch again, repeating exactly what I had done before. Againd my watch said 6:30. I did this for what seemed like and hour but each time i read 6:30, I found this funnier evertime because when I would began to look at my watch again I would have no recollection of doing it before until my mind was stumped on it again. This passed in about 5 minutes but to me it felt like I was doing this for eternity. Looking back on this i clearly remember doing this at least 200 times.

Shortly after the watch incident my friends decided to go take some bong rips. I joined them. We smoked for at least a hour straight. I had never smoked this much weed before let alone do it while I was shrooming. After smoking I felt myself going back into the peak of the trip only this time with my friends with me. We all were totallly hepless and could barely communicate to eachover. After what seemed like hours of laughter I went to lay down in my friends room. I noticed that all the pictures on his wall were becoming mini movies. Then the fan above me slowly streched till it was inches from my face. The whole room felt like it was alive. Slowly the movement died down and I drifted off to sleep.

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