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The Big Wu

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Okay, this was my first time tripping on mushrooms ever. And they were some potent mother fuckers but i didnt get a whole lot (they were my bro's friends and he just got 2 ounces).

But the day starts out and i was all excited to see The Big Wu, and i wasnt planning on smoking weed cause i gotta stay clean from that for a little bit, but a couple hours before the concert my brother comes down and asks if i wanna do mushrooms and i say yea.

When time rolls around to leave we make some peanut butter sandwiches and leave, and then put the shrooms in them while driving to pick up our other friend. I get mine first and eat it right away.

But we get to the concert and we are all starting to feel them...we sit around talking, and some friends of our friend beth come up and they are all shroomed up and we are chilling and my brother begins to trip big time, i have no idea what he experienced the whole night but i know it was fucking hard, he ate atleast a fat 8th of these.

the first visual effects that i notice are the ceiling is getting all tripped out and then i look down at the floor and all these lines and dots are swirling around and i just start laughing. And then my arms disappeared which i thought was very cool.

and during the concert i was tripping mad while dancing and i look down at the floor which is very tripped out and everyone starts to get taller and taller.

the start getting some nice jamming in and i start dancing all crazy with my bro and beth who a trippin big time. and everything becomes warped and stretched out.

i guess i didnt really have a whole lot of cool things to say, it was more of a thing were you had to be there, even though my trip was pretty weak but there was still some fun things. but i cant wait to see String Cheese Incident in Chicago on April 12th....ill be trippin mad balls.

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