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The Battle Between Good and Evil

At 12 noon on 1-31 I took 1.

At 12 noon on 1-31 I took 1.3 grams of First Harvest. I then lay in my darkend room. I was resting when, gradually, I began to hear mumbled-gibberish voices in my head...not real voices--so much as 'remembered' voices. I then got up and walked around in a laugh-out-loud type of good spirits. This lasted pretty much for the nexe 2-3 hours until it sorta wore off a bit. I remember 'Falling in Love' with my guitar. "She" is both Beautiful and Chaste, I couldn't stop caressing her.

Thinking to my self that it was pretty much on a decline, i thought i would maybee spark it up by smoking a couple of bowls. In about 5 min, i took off. Within me, I felt a battle waged between 2 forces, (Good/Evil) I even saw a vision of their forms. Ever time i embraced a 'bad' thought, the Evil force would dominate the struggle, and vice verca. I saw myself and some of my actions for what they were.

It says in the Trip Guides: '..not to do anything drastic that you would regret when you come down." I remembered this while tripping; but i 'felt compelled to 'clense' certain things right then. (i didn't regret it.)

I was seening some cool tracers. I watched some of Pink Floyd's The Wall...but it became too intense...so i listened to the Dark Side of the Moon and tripped upon a massive unfolding of 3-D, geometrical patterens that unfolded into the infinity of Space. Later, i was listening to Tori Amos when i felt--as well as saw, my Ego melt and run between the bricks in the floor of the Cosmos. That was cool.

Touch Down was 6 pm (Note: Hi-C Fruit Peices are Most Elating...as well as Nitrous.......hold onto your butt!

the hermit
(Psychedelic Hymen, thus Broken.)

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