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the anukshuk II

well well well.

well well well....i found myself back at the anukshuk to unite with my friend called the shroom. ive written a past report call the anukshuk if u guys want to read it.

so...my 2 friends and i...we're all girls decided to do some shrooms. we had 2.3 grams each...and we weigh between 120-130 lbs. we chose a bad day to do it because there was a smog warning, heat wearning, humidex advisory and god knows what else...but its ok...we pulled through. we started off the trip by smoked a nice joint, which later followed by the munchies and then the consumption of the shrooms. by the way they don't taste as bad after u smoke weed. after about 40-45 minutes i started feeling the familiar high of the shrooms. this was my third time doing it, my first friend...P...did them once before with me and my other friend...M was doing it for the first time. right away we started getting visuals. we stared at the grass and patters started emerging. we couldn't believe it so we decided to get up and investigate. i came right up to it and the patterns went 3-d...and were at least like 3 feet off the ground. it would dissappear and appear again...very trippy.

during that day...there was a breeze...which ill get into more detail later...but the pine trees' branches were swaying...WOW...it went from patterns to little ppl jumping into a crowd. cirque du soleil was set up right across from us...and the swirls on the peaks of the tents were actually swirling...it was amazing. we decided to walk under the pine tree to investigate what it was up to. the tree looked like it was crying so i gave it a hug...i felt soo bad for the tree...M started tripping out over the pine cones and thinking that someone placed them there and actually set them up. we ended up getting to freaked out and went back to the anukshuk.

this is where the trip sort of turns bad but in a good way. a few days before i drank too much vodka and ended up puking and i got that same feeling again...that nausious feeling...and so did my 2 friends so we decided to lie down on the grass. as i proceeded to stare up at the sky i started seeing raibows all over the sky, especially around the clouds. i would feel sick looking at it but i would still see the rainbows from the corners of my eyes. M needed to pee so we decided to go back to the pine tree.

once we arrived once again she only felt comfortable peeing if someone would pee with her or at least be around her....because we were on public property and again the circus was right beside us. this man ended up walking by and started yelling at her for not peeing...lmao. he said that its not like hes never seen it before...and later told us that he was gay. at first i couldn't tell whether he was joking or being serious...but he sounded angry. i later couldn't tell whether he actually was gay or some old perv who wants to see a teenage girl pee...very trippy...she couldn't pee afterall.

we go back to the anukshuk and start chain smoking and sitting around talking about life for 3 hours straight. now...back to the breeze...we realized that no one ever stops to enjoy the breeze. we realized this after we couldn't light our ciggarettes...cuz of the breeze. wen ur feeling hot the breeze is there for u....and even wen u don't need a breeze like while trying to light a joint or a ciggarette the breeze is still there for u. how supportive...now no one can never say that they have no one...U HAVE THE BREEZE! we ended up smoking another joint which made us extremely lazy. we talked about how evil and stupid the person who invented money or even currency was and how corrupted the whole world got. we started looking at life in the most specific and detailed way possible...i can't even recall some of the stuff we talked about but we really did figure out and appreciate life. what is life anyways....next time ur talking to someone ask them to define life.

*life can mean soo many different things...life like scientific life...like cells and organs and stuff....or life like they way we live everyday....how we act...who we are as ppl....anyways u get my point...theres a billion subcategories for it.

we ended the trip with smoking another joint and going downtown to see charlie and the chocolate factory...when we got there we didn't have enought time to see it so we just pigged out (again with the munchies)M went home and me and P went to my house....leaving with a very good self being and just life in general....o i forgot...we also examined our skins and bodies and touched each others legs and arms and stomaches....what peculiar creatures humans are....anyways im sry this was so long but it felt like i spent three days on this trip wen it was really 5 hours. hope u enjoyed it and HAPPY SHROOMIN!

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