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Folf & shrooms

Please excuse me if this sounds kind of fucked up and I start going off about shit that isn’t important to the trip report, I’m writing about an experience that happened about a month ago and I just smoked a few bowls so I’m in a different mind frame ;) One fine saturday night a friend I knew from school told me he was going to get shrooms for the weekend.

Please excuse me if this sounds kind of fucked up and I start going off about shit that isn't important to the trip report, I'm writing about an experience that happened about a month ago and I just smoked a few bowls so I'm in a different mind frame ;)

One fine saturday night a friend I knew from school told me he was going to get shrooms for the weekend. This was over Presidents Day weekend so he was going to buy alot too dose over the next couple days. I have been trying to get shrooms for over a year so I jumped at the chance. So that night I got an 18 for a good price. They were Liberty Caps and had a nice blue tint to them. After I bought them I didn't know what to do with them, I was so anxious to get a hold of some caps I didn't think about when and where to do them. So I went to a party and drank a couple of cold ones.

Later that night I got home and went directly down the stairs, stashed the goods and talked to my parents. I got done talking to them and ran downstairs with a huckleberry sandwich. I threw a couple good caps and a stem in the jelly, ate it and waited for the effects. It came on slow as I was watching the tube, after about a half hour I took a little bit more, the rest of the night I listened to Hendrix and stared at the wall, I couldn't get to sleep for the next three hours it was the shit.

The next morning I was waiting for a friend to get off work; Pete, he told me he would trip with me as soon as he got off work, so that morning I had to wait for him, this was going to be my first real trip so I was pretty jacked about it. As I was waiting for Pete to get off work and another friend of mine by the name of Jared stopped by my house. He wanted me to go down to the pool hall with him, he knew I had mushrooms but he told me a while back that he never wanted to do them so I didn't ask him to dose with Pete and I, but I did ask if he wanted to go hang out with us, kind of be our guide/observer, because he is a curious person and he kind of wanted to check the shit out, plus he wanted to smoke budda with us.

So he came over to Pete's with me, after Pete got off of work.. Pete and Jared tried for the next hour or so to get some chronic buds, but nobody had any so I dosed about half of the 1/8 I had, made a nice P,B,&J sandwich and ate it with a glass of milk. Pete came over and took the half 1/8 from me and made his own sandwich but didn't put any shrooms in his sandwich he made, you see Pete had shroomed once the summer before, in June,(This trip I'm writing about happened in February) That was the first time he had tripped, he was in unfamiliar place (1000 miles from home) with people he really didn't know, long story short, took & toked too much and got lost in a big city, so Petes last trip was a bad one and he was a little apprehensive about the whole thing, a month before this he swore to me that he was never going to shroom again. But at the party the night before he was really trashed and I mentioned I was getting shrooms he said he would "take the journey with ya!" But it was in a more drunk, belligerent tone, so when I talked to him when he got home from work he didn't want to take to much so he took about half of the half 1/8, normally that would have been to little but these shrooms were really good ones, and the sack was really fat, he gave me closer to a quarter. Now Jared was sitting there thinking about how he's not going to get high that day so he took the rest of the sack and made himself a sandwich also, now this was a complete mind blowing experience for me because Jared was pretty adamant about the fact the he was never going to take mushrooms.

So me and my companions left Pete's house feeling stoked about the experience ahead. We started towards a Folf course in a wilderness area a couple miles out of town, but Jared wanted to go play pool for a couple of hours, Pete wanted to go Folf, and I didn't really care, I was already starting to feel the effects, I just sat there with a big grin on my face while they ironed out the problems. It was finally decided that we would go play a round of Folf and chill in the woods for a while, I was cool with that because I never tripped before and I didn't want to freak out with a lot of people around.

By the time we got up their I was really starting to feel it, we were tripping during the day so I didn't see that many visuals except the sun was reflecting off the snow and it made everything look blue, which was pretty fucking cool, it looked as if I was in a giant blue room. By about the 7th hole all three of us were feeling it, and we decided to take a break from Folfing and play hacky sack. I'm usually a pretty decent hacker, but that day I couldn't play worth shit, I kept wandering off from the game and listening to the sounds of the forest, after a couple unsuccessful minutes of hack, we moved over to a log and chilled for a while, we started to laugh at whatever appealed to us. We talked the deep bullshit fucked up people talk about and then one of noticed the trees. When we looked at the trees they jumped out at you in a magnifying way, it was kind of a fucked up vision. Well Jared didn't want to go folfing in the first place so he suggested we travel back to Pete's van and listen to some music.

As we were walking Jared noticed that if he closed his eyes he had a more intense trip, I've heard other people talking about how they have noticed this before to. Well Pete started to close his eye's also, I decided to see what the fuss was all about but I couldn't close them, my eye's just wouldn't stay shut, they wanted to stay open and just take everything in, so I ended up leading the "blind men" as they called themselves back to the van, Pete is a very physical dude, he is always running around doing stuff, so pretty soon he was running with his eyes shut. This was crazy because he would get within a few feet of a tree and I would yell at his ass to "Hit the ground yo'", he would then just crash into the snow that was on the ground and laugh his ass off. Finally we made to Pete's van and just chilled for awhile, I sat in back, a laid down under a open window and watched the sky, the clouds would be coming in through the window it was a good visual, during this whole time we all had a could camaraderie between us and it was a very good first trip for me if any one else gets a chance to Folf and trip I would highly recommend it.


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